Software to predict outcomer

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Do any of you know of software to predict cancer out come that is for triple negative breast cancer?

  • I have heard of this one on the forum before:

  • If you pay privately ypu may be able to get your tumour sample put through Mammaprint, which can give an idea of individual recurrence risk. It’s expensive and Nice does not fund it.  The answer comes back as a binary, there’s no shades of grey.

    NHS predict breast has population statistics, not something individual to you. 

    I contemplated getting some of my tissue extracted and sent off, but then decided I wouldn’t be able to handle being told I had a high recurrence risk, if that was the case. 

  • I’ve seen this but I guess like others why do you want to know?  If it’s good it may give you comfort but would you totally trust it? If it’s bad you’d just be on tender hooks all the time. Also no idea of the costs and how you’d get your sample to them etc..