Capecitabine (Xeloda) and biphosphonates offered as further treatment, what to do!

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Hi all,

So I've completed 4 months of chemo, just recently had mastectomy with immediate reconstruction and got pathology results back last week of good clear margins and no node involvement which is good news. Seen oncologist today (which wasn't my regular Dr that I'm under) for what further treatment is for me and was suggested I have Capecitabine for a further 5 or 6 sessions and also take biphosphonate too for bones. I had TNBC and I've been told also read that it could be of benefit to me with having this type of cancer. Anybody else on this forum had this treatment - what side effects had you suffered, any opinions feedback on these drugs would be really helpful. It was suggested also that radiotherapy would not be beneficial.

Thanks in advance xx

  • Hi, I din't have triple negative, but I am taking bisphosphonates for bones to counteract the letrozole tablets. I have an IV of Zometa very 6 months. The first one made me feel flu-like for the day after and the second I had a migraine, but no flu. Not sure if these were related or a complete coincidence. Sorry not to be able to offer more help, best wishes 

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  • Hi, I had TNBC and had 20 weeks of chemo, mastectomy in January. I expected to start radiotherapy but was offered a further 18 weeks of capecitabine & 3 years of bisphosohonates. 
    I finished cape 2 weeks ago & it was nowhere near as bad as IV chemo. I suffered painful joints but that was it. I didn’t have an upset stomach or cracked hands and feet but did moisturise them morning & night. 
    I start 15 sessions of radiotherapy next week then I’m done!  I’m on week 51 since diagnosis but will do everything recommended to stop me getting it again. Good luck 

  • Thank you for your feedback. Spoke to my oncologist last week and I only need to go on capecitabine for 18 weeks like you. No biphosphonate or radiotherapy needed as lymph nodes not affected. I'm feeling more settled in my mind as to what I need and like you am taking everything they offer me to keep it away. Hopefully I only suffer minor effects Fingers crossed. Xx

  • Hi I was offered this and didn’t make a decision really I just decided to try and if it was not bearable to stop. I took 5 cycles missing 1 because family member got covid and it was too risky.  Nearer the end it made feel crap but it was nothing like the initial chemo and I worked ft too

  • Hi Satire

    I’m on Ibandronic Acid tablets (Bondronat).  I haven’t had any side effects so far after six weeks though had difficulty getting these tablets due to supplier shortage.  I was told they can help stop recurrence generally, not just in the bones and though I was a little concerned about the potential osteonecrosis side effect, I spoke to my dentist who said he’d not had a case. I was advised to get my teeth checked before starting. 

  • I have been recommended to have Zoledronic acid infusions every 6 months for 3 years.  I had my first infusion along with my second EC treatment.  It was fine. I am also taking 2 Adcal tablets daily. Again no problem.

    I am now on Paclitaxal weekly for 12 weeks. 

    No radiotherapy.

    I had a double mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction.  As a BRACA 2 carrier I had been on annual mammogram  surveillance and found the stress too challenging.

    My dentist has been great and currently he is seeing me every 4 months.