Coping with chemo

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I start chemo next week.  4 sessions at 2 weekly intervals.  Then 12 weeks at weekly sessions.  I feel  overwhelmed.  Any tips on managing this would be helpful 

  • Hi  I am 2 rounds in on EC. I find it helpful to consider myself as someone who is going through treatment rather than someone who is ill. I have written a blog of my experience so far. Someone reminded me at the start that I was unlikely to experience all the side effects and that has been true. 

  • Hi Ricki

    This journey is crap, you don’t want to be on it and the ‘why me’ pops it’s head up, it is overwhelming and it can be hard to keep positive. Sorry it just is BUT you have a whole heap of people looking out for you, not only friends and family but your oncologist and all the nurses and clinicians want you to survive and will be doing all they can to beat this. 

    chemo has not been too bad for me at all, the EC combo I had for 4 sessions 3 weekly didn’t make me sick just super tired. Now on PC and again super tired and have stingy pains but coping

    Main thing be prepared to sleep and rest a lot. Don’t fight it. Get cover to help you with chores/kids/dogs. Put you first!

    hardest thing is stopping..formerly I was a super busy person running a successful business and always up for a party. Doing nothing is just dull and boring and seems such a waste of time. It takes a while to adjust but now I am beginning to appreciate my slower pace. 

    other thing. Chemo brain. Literally I forgot my dogs name today for 5 minutes. Mornings are better if you have to have meetings or use your brain. 

     Have a safe place/ escape boot hole 

    I found it hard sometimes to go home as I didn’t want to cry and scream in front of my family , maybe ask a friend if you can just have a bed to crash on for a few hours . Prearrange it, explain to your friend you may not want to chat,  just a place to curl up and cry then sleep it off  

    it Is soo important to cry if you feel like it and let it out , so much part of the managing of emotions 

    talk to your friends and family  they are going through this to 

    you are not alone  

    you have this 

    Big virtual hugs x

  • Thank you I found this very encouraging

  • Thank you for the tips. Your whole response has given me hope.  

  • What a great response to Ricki!