Losing hair and what to do

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Hi wondered if anyone had any tips for us please. I started chemo on EC on the 10th of May  and 2 days ago my hair started to really fall out alot  I normally have quite long hair  and don't know whether to just go for it and shave it off or just let it carry on falling out as it is . I have been told by my breast nurse that it will definitely all fall out. I know in the larger scheme of things hair should not be important especially if the chemo cures the cancer but I do really feel my hair does make me me I know that sounds stupid

  • Hi I am in a similar place to you with the timings and my hair falling out. I found it more upsetting seeing it fall out so yesterday I took the plunge and shaved it off. My head was getting sore so I went in the shower and combed my hair through with conditioner in which took around half of it out and then my son shaved the rest. I feel a lot better now it’s gone. I made sure I had my wig and scarves ready. I wasn’t too fussed about losing my hair to begin with but when I saw it come out it was upsetting. Everyone is different and you have to do whatever is best for you. Take it day by day and make the decision when you are ready.
    I hope you haven’t found EC too tough! Xx

  • Hi thank you so much  for that I am going to go for it tomorrow as I am at the point that most of it as fallen out now thank you for making me feel less alone and I have only had one lot of EC get my next one on Friday but so far not too bad after the first few days hope your doing ok too 

    Thanks again xx

  • Thanks for this. I start chemo next week and my hair falling out is big issue along with how will I cope with chemo.  Any tips on managing that.

  • I got it cut short before chemo, shorter still once I had started, and then clippered it very short once the loss accelerated. The remaining loss is happening day by day in the shower without trauma. My scalp felt so much better once I had clippered it