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Hello , I’ve recently been diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative breast cancer , I’m really struggling at the moment , I have loads of family support but I still feel alone , I feel like I can’t go out the house I don’t want everyone knowing, I talk family but feels like no one understand the situation. Any support ? 

  • Hi and welcome to the online community

    I was diagnosed with grade 3 triple negative breast cancer in the middle of March. Mine was discovered at a routine mammogram and since then I've had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy and a couple of days ago saw an oncologist to discuss the chemotherapy treatment I'll be having.

    I completely understand your feelings of not wanting everyone to know and it's entirely up to you to decide who you want to tell. In my case my sisters and my close friends know but that's it. 

    How was your cancer found and where are you in the process?


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  • Hi I found out 6 weeks ago and started my chemo on the 10th of may please try not to stay in it will get better and you do learn to deal with it as we have no choice try to get as much information about your situation and ask as my questions as you can to your ongloyist it's hard for us to say cancer let alone other people they don't know how to talk about it take care 

  •  Thank you  for answering I discovered  the lump but also only what I can describe as joggers nipple symptom too I went to my gp on march 7th then hospital  had mammogram biopsy ect done lady basically told me then but still had to wait for doc   I've had two lots of chemo I've got my third one wed  xx

  • Thank you for answering means a lot I will take your advice on board take care xx

  • Have you already had the lump removed or is the chemo happening before surgery?

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  • Yes chemo  first xxxx

  • Hi 

    I was diagnosed with grade 3 TNBC in early February following a routine mammogram. The tumour was small enough to start with surgery and I went through a phase of only telling family and close friends, not wanting to be seen as someone with cancer. When it became obvious I would need adjuvant chemo, I did start telling more people. Most have been great, but you do get some who can’t cope / avoid, or insist on telling you about all the (often inappropriate) treatments or experiences others have had. It’s a bit of a mixed bag but it’s probably easier being open about it. 

  • Hi Margi and All,

    My name is Angie. I'm new to all of this too. I found out I have TNBC on May 12th. 

    When I found out, I didn't want to tell anyone except my husband and my mom. I wasn't ready to deal with talking to anyone until I learned more about this cancer. Well, My mom told all the siblings and all family. I like to deal with this on my time. Not my mom's.  I was super irritated ... but im over it now. I move on from things rather fast.

    Anyhow, when you said alone, I understand that feeling well. I feel alone when I'm in a room full of people lately. I believe this feeling is normal for right now. It's a lot of info to wrap our heads around.

    Everyone in my family keeps telling me I'm going to be ok. It's uncomfortable to hear, cause I'm a very realistic person. I am ready to fight how I need to fight, but I also want to be as realistic as possible so I don't have false hope. Hearing that I'm going to be ok multiple times a day is starting to get on my nerves. 

     I'm not even sure where else it's gone at this point. I found out all of that tomorrow the 6th of june. 

    On a very positive note:

    I happened to listen to myself today and took myself to the lake and sat there in my car for hours. It felt so so nice. It was me,myself,and I. I sat with myself and enjoyed my own company for hours and hours.  What a good day of self therapy. 

    While we all go through our own lives with this cancer... remember to fight and love yourself through the process. I know times are going to be rough for us all... some worse than others... lets keep our chins up as best as we can so we can get through these hard ass times. 

    Thanks for letting me chat .. 

    Grass valley

  • Thank you so much coddfish  I really do appreciate you telling me your story and your advice I will take this all on board much love xx

  • Thank you angle I understand everything you have said I really appreciate you talking about what your going through too xx I've got into meditation  I'd like to go for drive but really hard at moment as no car but your right reg telling as it's getting harder now  my mum and children and my siblings know that was hard to tell I've asked everyone that know to keep to themselves at moment but I feel  it's a lot to ask them as I know my children need to talk and my mum to someone  Heart️ thank you hun will be thinking of you today xxxx