Paclitaxel +Carboplatin weekly for 12 weeks

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Hi there Im a newbie here.. how's everyone?

Id like to ask is there's anyone here who has been to this protocol? I just finished EC 4 rounds and the 4th one hits me pretty nauseated and felt tired for almost a week. Can you give me a headstart? 

Im diagnosed last Feb 2022 with Stage 1 Grade 3 TNBC :(

*Pembrolizumab is also added to my infusion every 3 wks.



  • Hi Chacha

    While I wasn’t in the protocol I noticed that you haven’t had any answers yet so I thought I’d check in with you and see how you are doing. Might I suggest that you join the breast cancer group and as your question there as there are plenty of ladies with triple negative on there and it’s a busier group than this one The following is the link to the group: Breast cancer forum.

    Hopefully you will get an answer soon.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of your treatment.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Sorry I cannot help. I am about to start the same treatment. .How are you doing at the moment? From I have learnt speak with the oncology team.  I also have a physio who has helped me my double mastectomy and reconstruction. She is going to support me through chemo. All the best 

  • I was on this. There was a definite pattern, for me……Friday hospital, weekend great, Monday aches, Tuesday the glums, Wednesday bloods and swab, Thursday tried to do something nice, Friday repeat!

    I found it fine

    Good luck

  • Hi Chacha, how are you doing? I also seem to be having the same treatment as you. I have stage 2 TNBC and my tumour is also grade 3. However I am only getting my third round of AC1 tomorrow so I don’t start my 12 weekly for a while yet. How are you finding it? I really hope you’re doing ok. Sending strength to you xx