Cancer free duration.... When does it start?

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Hi. I had a lumpectomy first, and only found out that my cancer was TN when they bioposied that tissue. Clear margins and no cancer in nodes or elsewhere. Did chemo/ radiation as a precaution ( 8 months in total) I know that for TN the 3 year mark is a big one,  but what I don't know is if they start counting the ' cancer free' time from the surgery, or from when you finish active treatment ( I live in a non English speaking country, and there's nothing like breast care nurses or anything here, so communication has been really hard). 

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    My 'cancer free' date is 5 years, so I'm not sure about TN.  I have to take tablets for 5 years and these are due to stop in August this year, when I first started taking them 5 years ago.  This was around the time I was about to undergo radiotherapy.  So, for me technically the 5 years will be in between the time I was diagnosed (June) and the time I finished treatment (Oct).  I think personally, I'm going to view my annual mammogram - which is earlier this year (May) as my being cancer free... IF of course it's ok! Slight smile  For me, In UK I'll have had annual mammograms for 5 years, then move onto 3 year ones like everyone else.

    I think, if you are getting mammograms annually, I'd use this date for yourself for when you stop the annual mammograms and move onto 'normal' checks that anyone else would get.

    Hope this helps.  Best Wishes, Lesley

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