Been a couple of months since treatment finished for my wife

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Hello Everyone.

Its been a couple of months since active treatment finished for my wife. April 21 she was diagnosed with TNBC, 23mm tumor, grade 2, clear nodes. After 4 x EC & 12 x Pax and WLE, pathology showed clear margins, confirmed no nodes ever involved, and there was just 1.5mm residual left (dying under microscope). Also had 10 sessions of radiotherapy. She asked to do oral (cape) chemo even though the oncologist & surgeon wasn't sure it was needed based on brilliant results from chemo. Anyway the wife tried oral chemo and after only 3 days had to stop as it made her really ill (extreme headaches).  

Her next appointment is in April to see surgeon who I guess will check things and maybe do ultrasound. Then her first mammogram will be November (that's a year since surgery).

To be honest, my wife & I feel more anxious now then when she was going through treatment. Also that tiny 1.5mm residual always plays on our minds. But then we have to tell ourselves that surgery removed the tiny residual bit and that chemo alone had worked very well and nearly got all of it. 

We have to be positive and look forward... 

Just both feel lost now she isnt being checked weekly etc by the professionals. I guess this is a normal feeling most have after treatment.

  • Hello, I'm pleased that your wife's treatment went well.  I'm not sure I can be much help, I think your post just struck a cord as I have the same diagnosis, although I am only at the start of my journey and have a slightly different treatment plan.  I am already thinking that this is something that will be in my mind forever, something I will worry about.  I was speaking with a friend this week, who had breast cancer several years ago she was saying that she seldom thinks about it now, so maybe time will help.

    Sending love and best wishes to you both.