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Hi again. I took my dressing off last night and since then have had fluid build up under my armpit. I rang the nurse and she said it was normal. Anyone else had it. It’s extremely painful. I googled it and it said it was a seroma. Should I still be wearing a tight sports bra? Can I still have a bath and get it wet? I’m starting to get paranoid I’m doing things wrong! Thanks 

  • Hi  don't worry you're not doing anything wrong, lot's of us have had similar.  when my seroma first developed my surgeon drained it but by the next day it was back again.  I was told it was best to leave it to resolve by itself because each time they insert a needle to drain it there would be a risk of infection.  So I left it alone and over a period of a number of months it reduced enough in size that I couldn't feel it any more.  At my 9 month check up the doctor told me it was still there (I couldn't feel it and it caused no problems) , at 12 months it was gone.

    I continued wearing my post surgery sports type bras and showered as normal. 

    What you should do is just be aware it's there and check for any signs of infection - redness, area warm to the touch, fever etc.  If you think it has gotten infected (stagnant liquid which is what it is, carries a risk of infection) let your medical team know.  

    You should let your medical team know you have the seroma and maybe have them examine you to confirm that it is that and not something else.

  • Thank you. I’m going on Wed to get my results so I’ll just see what the consultant says. Thanks for putting my mind at ease x