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Hi there, I’m feeling pretty low about things and maybe just looking for some positivity. I was diagnosed with TNBC June 21 and had chemo followed by a lumpectomy and then re excision. I’m due to start radiotherapy in a few weeks. 

Yesterday at a follow up meeting my consultant mentioned that because I only had a partial response to chemo (about 20%) before surgery I was at high risk on the cancer returning. Now I fully understand how TNBC has a higher recurrence rate but now I just feel as if I have no hope and basically feel on top of the chemo not working as well as it should then it’s definitely going to come back. I’m terrified and haven’t been able to stop crying. 

I understand that at the moment there’s no cancer and my radiotherapy is to help prevent a recurrence but I just feel as if it’s all futile and the odds are stacked against me. Has anyone else has the experience of of a partial response to the chemo? Or it was to come back would i not be able to get a different chemo? Thanks 

  • Hi Shinelikeastar

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling low at the moment and that you only had a partial response to chemo.

    I was diagnosed with TNBC 16 months ago.and only had a partial response to chemo so my oncologist put me on a chemo tablet for six months to prevent reoccurrence.  The tablet I was put on was called Capecitabine I also had radiotherapy. 

    it’s understandable that you are feeling scared about recurrence, it happens to all of us who have survived cancer. Try to keep yourself busy by doing the things that you love and hopefully it will help you.

    Take care of yourself and good luck with the radiotherapy.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Shinelikeastar, so sorry to read that you are feeling so low. I had TNBC three years ago. Chemo, mastectomy and radiotherapy plus zoledronic acid infusions every six months. I still worry it may return so do know how you are feeling and I’m sure we all feel like you  do at times. Please don’t give up hope. Scientists are finding so much more about cancer and new treatments are being found. I know it’s easy to say but focus on enjoying something every day and try not to read negative reports.  Don’t forget to shine like a star. With love, Mo Two hearts Two hearts