Problems a year after treatment.

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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in March 2020. I ve had chemo and radiotherapy. Treatment finished in October of 2020. Everything was okay till September 2021. I ve had shoulder pain which a physio told me was stress. Now I am getting pain in my right arm. It seems to hurt more when reaching upwards. Is this something to be worried about and should get checked out. I d appreciate any advice. Thanks.

  • Hello allspot.

    You must push push and push again until you get a scan.

    After the 5 year clear my wife had pains in her chest and was told she must have lifted something heavy, she was also advised she could

    not have cancer back as both breasts had been removed WRONG 1

    Get on the phone on Monday and become the biggest pain in the arse you can, phone your doctor the hospital the oncology team

    breast care nurses just don`t give up.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi thanks for the push. Got an appointment with doctor on Monday.  

  • Good luck with it, I hope all goes well.

    Don`t be afraid to ask for a scan.

    All the best.


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    You might want to consider if it is a frozen shoulder, depending on what movements hurt the most. I am told it is common after surgery and/or all the messing about with your armpit. Dependng on your age can occur spontaneously at around the time of the menopause - hormone related!