After TNBC

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Hello all, thank you for letting me into your group.  November 2020 I was diagnosed with TNBC, underwent chemo, got lined up for radiotherapy , but my body had changed and could not get radiotherapy.  Initial thoughts were of Lymphedema, but unfortunately after 2/3 biopsies from the offending breast proved positive with cancer, the prognosis was for treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer with a 4 week cycle -1st week chemo and anti suppressant, week 2 chemo only, week 3 both and then a week off before starting  again.  Now had 4 of these cycles and would love to speak to someone who has had similar.  Easily tired, but strong spirit and determination to survive , supported by much love and amazing people in the hospital and Health Centre.  Any feedback on similar experience would be welcomed. Thank you very much, Hearach

  • Hi Hearach

    Welcome to the group and sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with TNBC first and them Inflammatory breast cancer. While I haven’t had any experience of getting Inflammatory breast cancer after TNBC I thought I’d check in with you as you haven’t had any replies yet.  Totally up to you of course but why don’t your join the breast cancer forum as well as that’s a much busier forum and there are plenty of ladies who have had TNBC on there as well as Inflammatory breast cancer and they will be only too happy to answer any questions you have.

    Wishing you the best of luck,with the rest of your treatment.

    Best wishes


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