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Anyone on here on remission now and living their lives ? 
please ? 

  • Hi. I was diagnosed TNBC in October 2013. Had mastectomy followed by 6 x FEC chemo and radiotherapy. I am now 8 years clear and there are definitely lots of others on here in remission. Good luck on your journey x

  • Although I’ve said thanks, I’d like you to know it means the world to me to see others doing so well and in remission . God Bless you all Pray tone1

    I am in my first year of remission and looking forward to many more! 

  • Hi I have TNBC too, currently having first EC chemo which I’m managing ok so far. I have a friend though who is now 9 years free of TNBC ! X

  • Hi Faith Over Fear

    I was diagnosed with TNBC last year and after having chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I am now in remission.

    Best wishes


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  • You are very welcome BlushThis is part the reason I have stayed with this forum. When I was diagnosed, the support on here was immeasurable and knowing others were going years ahead and getting their lives back on track gave me another weapon to fight my battle. Stick with it, you can do this and then you too in years to come can give this support to others.


    Hi. I was diagnosed TNBC in February 2009,  Had full lymph nodes dissection,  followed by chemo and radiotherapy. I am now nearly 13 years clear. plus I made friends with another lady same diagnosis, and treatment , we are still friends, I spoke to her only yesterday,  and she is also still clear  and doing well Xx