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Hi, this is my first time on this page. I have read a few of your posts and it seems that most of you with TNBC have had treatment before surgery?. I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my results for type of cancer were not back when I had my appointment with consultant, so I wasn’t diagnosed with tnbc till after I had lumpectomy. I have now had my first dose of EC 2 more to go and then. 3 x DC followed by radiotherapy. Good luck to you all with your treatment and wishing you all good health. 

  • Hi Ladybee I have the same treatment plan as you, starting EC today.  Hope you are feeling okay after your first session.  Good luck and best wishes x

  • Hi wobbly1, best of luck today, I was very frightened going for my first one, it wasn’t as bad as expected. My side effects have been minimal too, hope it’s the same for you. X

  • Hi Ladybee

    i was diagnosed with TNBC grade 3. Lumpectomy and 1 node taken, July 2021, to test followed by EC x 3, and now Paclitaxel x 3 cycles which equals 9 weekly sessions. Radiotherapy to follow. 

    I like you found the treatment not so bad, tolerable, just sleep when you need to, and the EC long forgotten now like childbirth. My treatment looks slightly different to yours. I have 7 of the 9 weekly left to go. This has also been tolerable. I tried the cold cap but abandoned it after the first time. 

    Ladybee and wobbly1 - good luck with your treatment plans, you can do it, take and keep up with any medication given by the hospital - it all helps. Watch out for indigestion with the EC, tablets can be given by the hospital for it. 

    all the best

    x x 

  • Thank you, good to hear you didn’t find the EC too bad x

  • Thanks for the tips and good luck with radiotherapy, hope it goes well for you x

  • Hi Northernwoman

    I am happy to here you are not suffering too much either. Yes my plan is different to yours, my infusion is every 3 weeks. Sounds like your coping very well. 

    I decided not to go with cold cap as there is no guarantee and didn’t want to put myself through anymore than necessary. 

    Thank you for your advice, I have noticed the indigestion and will mention to the hospital on my next visit. 

    Hope your treatment continues to go well. Best wishes and good health. xx

  • Stay strong, you can do this. Good luck and let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi Ladybee, I too had my lumpectomy 1st, but they did know it was TN before they did it. Think it’s to do with the size on the cancer mine was only 8mm, if bigger think they give treatment first to shrink it then op. I am seeing the oncologist on the 13th Jan so don’t know treatment plan yet. Hope you are feeling ok after 1st treatment and good luck with the next one!!
    Best wishes


  • Hi Tanyabg,

    I am glad to here yours was so small, mines was 37mm, which they they say isn’t large, good luck with the oncologist and hope you keep well. 

    Best wishes x