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Hi I am new here, I am 40 and just had chemo dr call me and he told me I have TNBC, he didn’t realise I wasn’t aware as my actual diagnosis appointment is today..anyways he told me they want to start me on chemo in a weeks time. Epirubicen & cyclophosphamide 4 times and then 2 different ones 4 times. Treatment to last 5-6 months. It is contained in my breast and not in lymphnodes. Please is there anyone here that’s been through this chemo? I have been onto the EMC website and read through the possible side affects, heart failure, and leukaemia and pneumonia are the ones that have scared the life out of me. Can I decline chemo? Is there anyone here that have been through this maybe years ago and are doing well? I’m so scared of doing chemo. Thank you 

  • Do not decline chemo tnbc normally responds well to it. I not wanting to scare you but tnbc is aggressive so for a good outcome you need to throw everything at it. 
    chemo is actually doable they have so many medications to counter act any side effects. I was lucky I could even work on chemo / ride my horse and walk the dog 

    my cancer was in my lymph nodes as well and a year on I am now all clear. 

  • Hi Mojorisin

    Welcome, to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with TNBC.  While I won”t say chemo is easy it isn’t as bad as it is made out to be. TNBC normally responded very well to chemo. Your medical team will do everything in their power to make sure you stay well during treatment. They will give you meds to help with any side effects you may have and they also give you a number to ring if any side effects are too much for you.

    I was diagnosed with TNBC last year with tumours in both my breast and underarm and by the time I finished chemo the tumour in my breast had gone from 16mm down to 3mm and the tumour under my arm had disappeared altogether. I had surgery and radiotherapy after I finished chemo and I am now cancer free.

    Best wishes


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  • Welcome and sorry you are here. I have been on EC. It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be. 

    I was a little nervous at first but once I'd had the first dose I got into a routine. You start to know when your bad and good days are and when to sleep etc. Some people have no effects at all and breeze through it. If you are not handling it well make sure you tell your oncologist and the chemo nurses. They have medication for everything and can lower your dose. Their attitude is they don't want you to suffer. 

    All the best and keep in touch with how you got on.

  • Hi

    i was diagnosed in August and just about to have my final EC with a following 4 of Paxitaxel

    granted chemo Is rubbish and makes you feel like crap but apart from the usual side effects I have had no more side effects that you mentioned. I am 12 years older than you and I am classed as fit and healthy, so I would go with what they advise

    they constantly ask me when I’m having it how I feel and in fact someone sits by my side the whole time monitoring me, they look after you really well


    I was diagnosed with TNBC, with some lymph nodes affected. I had 4 rounds of chemo with Docetaxel & Cyclopheramide & had a few side-effects.

    Yes, some of the side-effects are frightening, but chemotherapy drugs affect everyone differently. 

    Some people have no side-effects, other people have a fee & others have a lot.

    Take a deep breath - try to relax, easy to say, harder to do. Remember to be kind to yourself.

    Your oncologist will talk to you about the possible side-effects, which is what my oncologist did, she also gave me a fact sheet about the different drugs that might be used in my treatment.

    Chemotherapy is definitely worth it. I had chemo prior to surgery (left side lumpectomy & lymph nodes removed) which I had on 20th Oct.

    Last week my oncologist rang me with the path lab results of what was removed - the results showed I had a very good response to my chemo treatment & don't need any more.

    Moving forward, I'm due to start radiotherapy in a few weeks.

    Stay safe & take great care of yourself.

    Jen Slight smile

  • Thank you. Well I had my 1st chemo yesterday, I am a less worried now as now know what the process involves…felt awful last night, woke early today and feeling exhausted. 

  • Oh that is so positive to hear! Thank you, I had my baby st chemo yesterday, 7 more to go…felt really rough last night and woke early today and feeling exhausted. I was sooo worried about chemo but feel a little less worried now I’ve been through the process.

  • Oh that’s so positive as well…I haven’t met my oncologist yet tho, I’ve only met my breast surgeon as having dmx after chemo, and then the nurses etc at the chemo centre. I thought everyone was meant to meet their oncologist before chemo started? Oh well. Not loooking forward to the next chemo but a little more positive about it all now, plus I met some lovely people going through this at the chemo centre x

  • I had 1st yesterday…I was in such a panic state my chemo nurse sort of told me off…saying I need to calm down otherwise she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between me having an adverse reaction or just panicking…I understand what she means but it was my 1st time and I was terrified…got through it tho and now I am a little less worried. X

    • Ahh thank you, had my 1st one now, felt rubbish last night  and tired out now…7 to go…hoping the side effects don’t get any worse than this…it’s a weird feeling, one I’ve not experienced before…xx