Treatment stopped working TNBC Secondary.

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Well after 7 cycles of Abraxane and Atezolizumab (immunotherapy) I had a CT Scan and after waiting 6 weeks yes 6 weeks for the results I was told the treatment has stopped working.  I am devastated.  My first scan was end of May and my next scan was middle of August and I was given the results end of September.  I’m devastated and angry.  I’ve now started AC combination which was the first line of treatment I was stopped from having in February, the day before my initial  treatment should have started. I was told the AC combination wouldn’t work for the type of cancer I have. In the meantime I have been told my cancer is secondary to the liver.  I had to wait 3 weeks then to start the Abraxane combination treatment by then I knew I had cancer for 8 weeks, after I found my lump. It’s a mess.  Tomorrow I have a scan after 2 cycles and my third cycle is the next day. This is like a horrible dream it’s like I’m being trailed against my wishes.

  • Hi there,

    im sure you must be very cross and worried about your treatment. Have you always been at this hospital? Can you swap onco or hospital? Waiting for 6 weeks is ridiculous and cruel you poor thing.

    Do you have a B C N to help you sort this?

    keep us posted if you feel you’d like to. You’ll be supported here by us TN ladies

    hope you get some sleep


  • Hello,

    thank you for your reply.  At my routine appointment with my oncologist last week, I told them how I was disappointed with the care.  My CNS is useless I felt that energy when meeting her back in January and have mentioned this to oncology but nothing.  I’m a single mum and worked hard to give my daughter a good future.  This scares me.  It’s just us against the world.  I probably sound very negative but I’m not really like this, as I have my faith.  It’s the way they treat TN patients as a last resort and that some times gets into my head. Yes I’ve always been at this hospital suppose to be the best. You just have to sit in the chemotherapy waiting room to hear other patients stories then realise your not alone. I have my CT Scan today which is really the first since starting this new treatment.  Then will meet with oncology in 2 weeks, hopefully they will have the results or I will take this up with the media it’s people lives they are playing with and it’s not good.  I’m more positive on this treatment but they go by the results of the scans. My 3rd scan in 9 months of starting treatment. Will keep you updated. 

  • How are you getting on Cydney97?

  • Hello Himalaya,

    Thank you for reaching out, I’m doing okay for someone on chemotherapy for 11 months now.  I met with my oncologist today and she said I will have my last AC chemotherapy treatment next week then a scan to see how the tumours are.  Can’t be on the AC for more than 6 treatments so it does make sense.  Just me now getting anxious even though the side effects have been awful at times, it’s the safety net around it.  I’m sure I will be okay.  I’ve been getting muscle spasms a few days after treatment lasting upto a week. Horrendous pain. Trying to be as positive as I can.

    stay safe


  • Also I have a new CNS