Increase in tumour size after Chemo

Hello I have just joined the group in the hope that someone is having a similar experience/or already been through the same as me and can offer some encouragement.  I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer end October 2020.  My treatment plan is two phases of Chemo, followed by a removal of the tumour and then breast saving operation followed by 21 days of radiotherapy.  I finished my 1st phase of Chemo which was 4 x ACdd (Doxorubicine and Cyclosfosamide). I had the MRI scan once this treatment was finished but unfortunately the tumour hasn't shrunk in fact it has doubled in size!  This has really given me a knock as I just didn't expect to hear the bad news I just assumed the chemo would work.  Has anyone else had the same case.  I have now been told the breast will be removed ( possibly both depending on the results of the genetic testing).  I have started the second phase of chemo treatment which is 12 weeks of Paclitaxel.  Of course all my hopes are pinned on this working but its a waiting game and I am finding it hard to handle the not knowing.  

Would love to hear from anyone going through the same ordeal.

  • Hi. I too have MTNBC, and so far all chemos have failed me, they work for a little while and then stop. Have you asked your oncologist about Trodelvy? 

    I asked my oncologist and she has now referred me to another hospital who has access to it .  I'm starting this Friday, fingers crossed. I know it's given on a case by case basis. 

    Good luck, I hope you're given access to it too. Xx

  • Miss Sunshine22,

    It must be so frightening to get your diagnosis and then not find a chemo that works. TNBC is just the worst….people just don’t understand it.

    Your username suggests you’re a positive person so let’s hope Trodelvy comes up trumps for you. I have everything crossed for you.


  • Hi , thank you. I will be thinking of you on Friday and praying that this treatment will work for you, please let me know how things go.  I am waiting for my oncologist to contact me in relation to Trodelvy.  Is there only certain hospitals that have the approval to provide this treatment?  Still awaiting to see if I am suitable for the trial of another drug.  As each day passes, I feel that the lump is progressing so really hoping I hear something soon. All the very best , take care and will keep you posted Kissing smiling eyesxx

  • Hi Himalya, thanks so much. Yes  here's hoping it works, I have everything crossed too. X

  • Hi FaithDe, thanks so much for your message, and for your prayers, I hope it works for me too. Yes  I think only certain hospitals have access to it  as its not widely available, I'm not sure if it's gone through NICE yet. I hope you hear very soon about the clinical trial  sending positive vibes to you. Take care, and do let me know how you get on Kissing heart xx

  • Hello MIss Sunshine22, wishing you all the very best with the treatment you start tomorrow.  TNBC is so scary and waiting causes such anxiety.  Let us know how get on xx

  • Hi , I have had a response back from my oncologist who informed me that my trust was unable to obtain Trodelvy, due to the demand and that the company who have made it are not sure they will be able to cope with the demand.  It is disappointing for me, but i'm so pleased that your oncologist was able to transfer you to another hospital who does have access to it.  It does scare me to know that this aggressive cancer continues to progress.  Has anyone tried the drug Vinorelbine?  That is another option I have been given if I can no longer wait for the trial drug.

  • Hi , hope everything went well yesterday with the treatment and no immediate issues.  Have a restful weekend and please keep us posted on how things go.  I hope to hear something early next week about whether or not I am suitable for the clinical trial they would like to place me on.  Take care and have a great weekend everyone.

  • Hi FaithDe. Friday went well albeit a very long day! I live in Essex so took the train to London my appointment was at 9.30 and I didn't leave till 4.30. All went well though, and feel fine though I'm fuelled by steroids. Will see how I am after Monday when I finish them , only downside lack of sleep! 

    I hope you hear very soon about your clinical trial, fingers crossed for you.

    I will keep you updated on how I feel as the week progress, my next session is next Friday.

    Take care xx

  • Hi so happy it went well, it really was a long day for you.  Oh the steroids, yes you're right see how you feel on Monday, hopefully it won't be much different.  Please do keep us updated on how you progress.  Try and rest as much as you can, when you can and take great care.  Will be thinking about you and sending virtual hugs to you Huggingxx