Week off chemo!

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Good evening my lovelies! 

I have just finished the second cycle of chemo (paclitaxol, carbo, pembro) I have an infusion every week (first week all three followed by 2 weeks of just the paclitaxol) it has all been going pretty well considering with no massive side effects. However, I went in today for my end of cycle blood check and they called me to say liver count is a bit too high so they want to give me next week off to reShrug tone1cover and resume week after all being well.Apparently, it should recover on its own given the extra time.

Has anyone else had to have a break for this sort of thing? Is it normal? Having any time off (even a week) worries me a bit... My rational brain doesn't work as well as it normally does. I think is thrown me a bit because I haven't been feeling all that bad and wasn't expecting it xx

  • Hello Minesamalbec81

    I had paclitaxel and carboplatin chemo for my endometrial cancer. I didn't have pembro.

    My chemo cycle was 21 days and there were several times where my blood tests came back too low-  for me it was the neutrophils, haemoglobin and magnesium. I was told that chemo would be put off if levels did not get into the normal range by chemo day. I was lucky in that I did just scrape into the allowable limits but it was close. 

    So yes, it can be normal to have chemo put off and yes the levels do tend to come back up. With your chemo taking place weekly I expect that they just want to give your body some time to recover. 

    I am glad that you are not having too bad side effects but sometimes the bloods can give an indication that you body needs that extra time to recover- before you feel the effects- if that makes sense. 

    Hope this helps a bit. Do give the Support Line a call and talk to one of the nurses if you want a bit more of a medical explanation but this is my understanding and experience.

    I wish you well for your continuing treatment and I hope the bloods come up in time for the next session to go ahead as planned. in the meantime if there is anything else you need, then please do ask.



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • That's really helpful, thanks so much Jane Heart

  • How have you got on today??xx