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Hi all, I have tnbc & brca1, diagnosed October 2020. .  I had intravenous chemo for 6 months, then a double mastectomy & reconstruction .  Then I had prophylactic oophorectomy.   6 months after the cancer spread to my brain & lungs.  I had brain Tumour removed in August 2022.  Had two gamma knife treatments over the next year.   Also developed a tumour in the soft tissue of my inner thigh which was removed and was also tnbc, which my oncologist said is rare. I was put on chemo tablets called Capecitibine, These did not work and my lung tumours increased.  I had 6 intravenous carboplatin chemo, this did show some response.  Then in October 2023 I started on olaparib and these have kept my brain & lungs stable so far.
 have just found another lump in leg, which feels the same, as the first one I found and is just below the scar. I am waiting for consultant to call me back.  Anyone else had tnbc spread to leg soft tissue? 

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    I haven't been in your position but noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet. Responding to you will 'bump' it back to the top of the discussion list.

    I can see that you've also posted this question in the secondary breast cancer forum where you are more likely to connect with others whose breast cancer has spread.

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  • Hi there,

    I have tnbc also, and had 6 months of chemo, then lumpectomy in January, and 21 rads finishing up in March.

    Just had MRI results yesterday, showing a lesion on my sternum, very upset about this but Onc says hang

    in there we will order a CT and get a better look, MRI isnt the best way to see bone lesions.  So my Ct

    is next Tuesday and we go from there.  I hope if I need more treatment that there are good meds out there!

    I am also on Capecitabine and not sure if its doing anything, I am on cycle #4 out of 8.

    I see you are on olaparib, and its working for you thats terrific!  You are doing a great job staying on top of things

    and listening to/examining your body.  We all need to do that regularly 


  • Hi, good luck for the ct scan.  It’s a worrying time.  I see my oncology tomorrow to check my thigh as I think I may have a new lump or maybe scar tissue? Fingers crossed.  Olaparib seems to be doing the job for me, been on it 9 months now & it’s keeping me stable. I have started having the odd left side chest pain/twinge which I will tell my oncologist tomorrow.  Take care xx