Pain in breast

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have Triple negative breast cancer! 
Apparently I'm on knife edge as I have a leision in my liver approximate 5mm. 
They are treating with immunotherapy and chemotherapy and hopefully will remove from the liver  5mm with treatment. 
However when I'm on treatment my breast feels warm swells and aches has anyone experienced this during treatment? 

  • Hi Sal74 welcome to the forum and I am so sorry to hear about all that is happening for you right now. Id be tempted to be asking the staff at the Chemo clinic about this as it may be that this is the lymph system reacting to the chemo but that is just a thought and based on no firm ideas.  However, maybe one of  the other lovely folks on here may be better able to help.

    I hope you get some answers to this but have a chat with them at the chemo clinic re this as well. 


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  • Thank you I have treatment on Tuesday so will speak with the nurse. 

  • YeaI had pain whilst on treatment. Pretty bad the first few days after treatment.  I just took it as normal from the chemo.   Best of luck.