Rash after Picc insertion

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Hi everyone!

I had a Picc line put in yesterday for the beginning of chemo on Tuesday. They said that the procedure went perfectly well and I have felt absolutely fine since. However, this morning I’ve noticed that the inside of my arm down to the wrist is a bit blotchy and bumpy. I’m thinking it might have been from when they took the sterile dressing off at the end of the procedure because they really did have to pull it quite hard as it was pretty well stuck! Did anybody else have these bumps after their procedure? There’s no redness, swelling or pain.

thanks guys xx

  • Hi Bumble bug

    The chances are that the rash is from the dressing being taken off. Just keep an eye it over the next few day and if it gets any worse let your team know about it.


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  • Hi 

    I am to have a PICC line on the 14th May and my first chemotherapy and immunotherapy the next day .. 15th may.

    Has anyone else had both close together?

    Feeling a little overwhelmed now.... As it feels like it's been  a long wait since first diagnosed.

  • Hi Basket,

    I had my Picc line put in yesterday (3rd) and my first chemo is on Tuesday (7th)  so I don’t think it’s too unusual to have them close together. Also, I don’t know how anxious you are about the procedure but I can assure you it’s not as bad as you think. I was a nervous wreck but with a bit of deep breathing and some music on in the background, it wasn’t as bad as I was predicting.


  • Oh my lord ... Thank you for that as I'm dreading it.... And it's booked for 8.30am, so I must be first on the list ... How long does it all take? 


  • Thank you so much for that .. as I have been dreading the thought of it.  How long does the whole procedure roughly take?


  • Oh bless you, I totally get it - it’s been the one procedure out of everything that I was dreading the most so I understand the nerves. I hate needles with a passion and so when I was told my chemo was going to be every week for 16 weeks at least, the picc line seemed like a no brainer… no more needles! The whole procedure for me took 45 mins ish but some of that was prep at the beginning and a bit of chatting at the end so probably more like 30 mins for the actual fitting? I had a 20 minute breast mri last week and that seemed to take longer! 

    I suppose being the first on the list means that you don’t have to spend the whole morning worrying so that’s a good thing. If there’s anything I’ve learned since my diagnoses it’s that we’re way stronger than we think we are - you’ve got this! :) 


  • I had a portacath fitted rather than a PICC but it was also done the day before treatment. I think it’s quite usual. All the best with your treatment. 

  • Hi,  my picc line was put in on tues 7th ( 4 days ago)  and my first chemo was the next day.  No problems with this at all.  I was worried as when I woke the next  day the dressing around my line contained some blood.  This was re-dressed and cleaned before the chemo lead was attached.  I was told this is normal for the morning after a picc line is insertedBeer, so don't be worried if this happens to you.  Good luck