invasive triple negative breast cancer

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Hi everyone....

Yesterday was when I met my oncologist and discussed treatment.  I'm on a 24 week course of .... Epirubicin and cyclophosphamide at 3 weekly x 4 doses .... Pembrolizumab at 3 weekly ... Then I think it changes to carboplatin at 3 weekly x 4 and Paclitaxel at 1 weekly x 12 doses .... All adding up to 24 weeks in total..... TBH I am scared ... I have family around but they have their lives, I live on my own and wonder how I may cope with side effects 

  • Dear Basket, 

    sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with TNBC and that everything has been turned upside down. I was diagnosed with TNBC in March 23. I had 9 weeks of EC at 3 weekly intervals then 12 weekly doses of Pacitaxel. The EC made me sick for a couple of days and then nauseous. The Pacitaxel seemed easier to tolerate but has left me with some CIPN. (Peripheral Neuropathy). 

    I found that when people found out they were all keen to help, so let people do things for you like shopping and giving you lifts to treatment. Although I live with my husband and daughter, they were at work and I spent lots of time on my own. I choose to keep myself separate from lots of crowds inside to avoid chances of infection, but I need speak to people regularly and met with people for walks etc. Getting outside helped. 

    All the best for your treatment. Talk to others and let others support you.

    TulipBlossomHibiscusCherry blossom

  • Thank you Flora

    I suppose what I'm feeling is alot of loneliness due to .... I worked as a live - in care assistant all over the UK for the last 7 years and now find all my friends have either moved on or away.... Kissing hearthave put others first, then suddenly BAM !! ... I was in fact caring for an elderly gentleman when this happened, I had a mammogram on a routine break and they gave me the news ... No symptoms, no sKissing heartns ... Even my Oncologist said it was difficult to feel anything either both in my breast and armpit, but they are hitting me with everything by the looks of it ... Which although I'm  feeling very Kissing heartxious and nervous about after listening to the possibility of serious side effects due to thyroid treatment only this last year .. I am thankful for the chance of treatment ...reading some of these Kissing heartogs, not everyone is given the option.... It would be really good to be able to meet up with other local same type breast cancer, or even have a chat line buddy of the same cancer type .... I do hopKissing heartyou are well and that goes for every cancer patient too ... Much love Kissing heart

  • Hello , i am  on exactly the same treatment plan and also live on my own , my 3 children are all busy , youngest 2 at university and eldest lives in London. I'm having the paclitaxcel and carbo and immunotherapy as my part 1, weekly for 12 weeks and tbh I've had hardly any side effects at all , just a little tired and upset stomach , would also recommend the paxman cooling cap as so far I am now on week 5 of treatment and not lost any hair.

    sending you a big hug , you will get through it xx

  • Wow !! .... That is very encouraging, thank you ... 

    Loads of hugs Hugging 

  • Hi Basket, I’m on exactly the same course of treatment too. I was diagnosed In October last year after finding my lump myself. I’m now due to have my final EC on thursday. 6 months chemotherapy, operation and the radiotherapy. I had a MRI a week ago and due to see oncologist on Wednesday and praying that I have continued with good response to treatment which showed shrinkage the last time around. All I can say is this community has helped me and I have found comfort on here. Whilst someone may or may not have family and friends around them I think hearing from someone going through the exact same thing is a comfort if that makes sense. It has def made me feel like I’m not alone. You can ask anything and someone will always reply and offer support and their own experience which I for one have found priceless. We’re in this together xx 

  • I’m on the same situation as you with living by myself and due to start treatment soon. Although it’s daunting, I am trying to plan ahead and ask for people to help out with certain things day to day to help me as a bit of a contingency plan. May not be needed but offers me some reassurance that I have a plan just incase Slight smile. Will also be making the most of online support. We’ve got this! Muscle tone1

  • Hiya, I am on a similar regime ( 4 cycles of EC then 4 cycles of carbo and doxitacel every 3 weeks) so similar overall time but done every 3 weeks rather than your weekly. I had my last chemo last week. I know everyone’s experience is different so can only talk about mine but I did find that the effects of the chemo were not as bad as I initially feared. I thought I was going to feel horrendous and fit for nothing but I managed to go quite a lot during. My experience was after each treatment I got a couple of days when I felt very tired then about 3 days of feeling poo (really achy and like a bad hangover) then I started to perk up and in the 3rd weeks I felt surprisingly normal. Exercise definitely helped, I have a dog so have to walk him but this was really helpful for me. Even on the days I felt really bad I would get my shoes on and think just 10 mins walk and I can get back to the sofa, but once i was out I often found I could do more. On the good days I would batch cook food to make sure I always had soup etc in the freezer. I had a lot of problems with my mouth and found I had a dreadful taste in my mouth for a number of days each cycle. I would say remember to not be too harsh on yourself, if you only eat brown food for a few days it’s fine as long as you’re getting plenty fluid. Good luck with it and to remember on the tough days that they will pass x