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  • Hi does anybody know if its OK to take valerian root for to help with sleep. I'm finished all active treatment a few months now.Thanks.
  • Sorry forgot to add ..I had triple negative breast cancer  ..damn brain fog
  • Hi, so glad you finished treatment, I hope all is good with you.

    Not sure to be honest but there is a good website that might be able to advise you. It's I looked at this slot during my chemo as it gives a lot of information about different supplements, worth a look.

    I had triple negative breast cancer too. 3 immunotherapy sessions to go.

    Hope you find the answer, take care xx

  • Thanks sunshine for your reply.I will have a look.I hope your immunotherapy is going well for you.Hope you are keeping well.

  • Hi Hawk,

    All's well thank you, I can see an end to treatment in sight.

    Hope your well after finishing treatment and can finally get a good night's sleep xx

  • Hi sunshine,getting to the end of treatment is a relief, I was just too late to be eligible for immunotherapy so I was given capecitabine for 4nhalf months.I was so fatigued I was so glad to get finished treatment back in Aug 2023. But ever since I've had trouble sleeping  leading me to come here and ask if anybody can recommend anything but us having had tnbc we gotta be careful in what we take I suppose.Thanks again.