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  • Hi, I had my lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy for tnbc 6th September and due to doctors and consultants strikes coming soon my appointment for the results is 27 October.  Panic- if margins and lymph node are not clear how much could the cancer have grown and spread after over 7 weeks since surgery! My breast care nurse is going to try to get me a sooner appointment but I dont know how successful she will be. This is my only treatment so far after biopsy beginning of August. 
  • Has anyone else had to wait so long before finding out results and treatment plan? What might come next? I'm finding it more and more difficult to find the motivation to do anything. 


  • Hi Chaka

    sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with TNBC , I had a lumpectomy and sentinel biopsies in April, I had my results 5 weeks later and then apt to see oncologist June the 7 th started chemo onHeartthe 14 th June . I have 1 more to do I had 3x EC and 3x Docetaxol I have to have more surgery as the margins were not clear so this is booked for October 18 th . The waiting is the hardest part but Heartemember the tumour has been taken out !! that’s what I kept telling myself . When you have your treatment plan you will feel so much better as you know things are moving forward . Good luck with youHeart journey you can do this !! Sending you a big hug Heart

  • Thanks.  Good luck with the rest of your treatment and surgery.  Fingers crossed Fingers crossed x

  • Hi  

    I was diagnosed with grade 3 TNBC in April last year. I had my lumpectomy at the end of the month and then went for my results 3 weeks later. I then had an appointment with the oncologist who recommended that I had chemotherapy as there were micro mets in one lymph node. Chemo started the first week of July so in all, it was about 7 weeks between lumpectomy and the start of adjuvant chemo.

    As Bonnie Boo said in her reply, the tumour has been removed and further treatment, as I understood it, whether it's chemo or radio or both is to stop it coming back not to remove it as it's already been removed.

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  • I had my ‘lumpectomy/ donut mastoplexy’ on 19th sept and was told 2 weeks for results. To be honest I think they had forgotten me. In the next hour I recieved an appointment for results on 26th October - 5.5 weeks after surgery. I felt totally devastated and upset, worrying about leaving it to grow if they haven’t taken enough margin and cheesed off that I’m left in limbo! Messed with my head after tge numerous changes I’ve already had. What made me feel better was my sister who had a mastectomy years ago saying ‘well they wouldn’t start chemo so soon after the operation anyway. It has to heal first. So I’ve come to terms with the wait, just wish they wouldn’t set up inrealistic expectations tgat make us go to oeices. Sending calm thoughts xx

  • Hi,

    I hope you have managed to get your results earlier and are now ready for your next part of treatment. I had my lumpectomy 6 September and with doctors strikes my results appointment kept getting pushed back- to 27th October!! My Breast Care nurse was wonderful, she got me a cancellation on 30 September and then  things have moved on - referred to oncology.  Just over a 2 week wait- which again totally messes with your head- but have now had my first EC chemo yesterday- so once I got the all clear from surgery - stage 1 grade 3 all clear margins and 2 lymph nodes- clear - I just have 5 cycles left to do at 3 week intervals and the radiotherapy. 

    Keep pushing for earlier appointment and talk to your breast care nurse. Good luck.