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Hello fellow warriors, 

As a newly diagnosed patient, I have quite a few number of questions bouncing from one side of the brain to the other...

I'm still at the diagnosis stage (genetic testing done, CT scan done, bone scan next), but it seems my treatment plan includes (in this order) chemo, surgery, radiotherapy. 

My burning question for now is for how long should I prepare the treatment to last? I mean, I'm aware it's a long-term battle and personalised to each and one of us, but generally speaking, how long does the chemo take? What about the radiotherapy?

Thank you for you time and support. May you all have a full and speedy recovery. 

Best wishes, 

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  • Hi  

    As you said, treatment plans differ so mine was surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy. I had my surgery at the end of April 2022 and my last radiotherapy session was mid January 2023. 

    My chemotherapy started in July and began with epirubicin and cyclophospamide every three weeks for 3 cycles. I then went on to weekly paclitaxel for 12 weeks. Radiotherapy was daily for 10 days.

    If you want to read about my diagnosis and treatment in more detail, just slick on my profile picture or username. I'm also happy to share anything more that you want to know.


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  • Hello, 

    Thank you very much for your kind reply. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Pray

  • Hi Aly

    My treatment lasted for a year between 8 cycles of chemo, surgery, radiotherapy and further chemo.  I started treatment in October 2020 and finished treatment in October 2021. 

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  • Hi Aly24 

    I think generally speaking neo-adjuvant (pre-surgery) chemo is 18 weeks, whereas those of us who have surgery first get 24 weeks. If your tumour is PD-L1 positive you might get immunotherapy plus chemo to start with and then more immunotherapy later. 

    Radiotherapy is usually 5 days.