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I had a lumpectomy in April and when the results came back the surgeon said that they had found a new cancer 2 mm on the edge . He said that I need chemo which I started June  then he would go back in and remove it . Has anyone else had this and did you require more chemo after surgery or straight radiotherapy ??4 x Lymph’s we’re clear . 

  • Hi Bonnie Boo

    I hope you don't mind me replying as I had a different kind of cancer to you but thought by doing so it will bump your post to the top again. I hope that your chemo is going to plan and that you are managing any side effects from it. 

    I wonder if it is worth talking to your CNS about what will happen? It may be that after chemo they give you a scan or it may be that when it is removed that the margins come back clear and you can move straight to the radiotherapy. But your own team are probably best to ask as they know all your history. 

    Hopefully someone who has had similar will see your post now and offer some more advice.



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi 

    Thanks Jane , I have asked about scans in general and they don’t routinely scan TNBC patients unless it’s in the lymph’s !! .so I’m not hopeful that they will bother with more chemo .