Breast cancer

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I have been Diagnosed with TNBC, start chemo next week MRI was 3 weeks ago and then it shows no sign of going through my lynths which is good but I feel like this 3 weeks could if changed that, I j is triple negative is more harder to treat have I got that right, ny head is so mashed at moment x 

  • The ‘harder to treat’ bit is because TNBC doesn’t have a raft of targeted therapies aimed at it. It doesn’t respond to the oestrogen blockers aimed at oestrogen sensitive cancers, or to the monoclonal antibodies aimed at HER2 positive cancers. First line treatment is therefore usually chemo, but there are some immunotherapy options to help with some sub types of TNBC. 

  • Hi there,

    I totally understand the head mashed bit. I was diagnosed 3 days before christmas with TNBC. There was no lymph node cancer detection on the ultra sound. Had MRI on Feb 12th - still no lymph node detection - hope thats a bit reassuring for you? They assured me they were operating within safe timescales . I questioned as like you - I was worried about delay.

    My first round of EC chemo was February 9th and I was pretty ok with it overall - did the cold cap and no hair loss at all as of yet!

    I have found a more settled place with this next phase of my life for now (at the moment anyway). If you have a Maggies centre attached to your treatment hospital I would highly recommend a visit.

    Things i have found useful to unmash the head the last few weeks:

    Get outside for a walk somewhere green every day.

    Talk about things other than cancer

    A few tv dramas

    Conscious appreciation of every win

  • Oooops! Hadn’t finished!

    A small win already for me today is that it’s not raining!!!!

    Know it’s a time for treats

    One step at a time - let go over over thinking.