Side effects after chemo

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Hi everyone

I'm new here as I know at some point everyone was. I am 71 years young and newly diagnosed.

I started chemo 10 days ago and am suffering from multiple side effects which as I'm a strong person I thought I could cope with but I hate to say I was wrong.

I have had constant constipation from the onset for which i have to take laxatives but the most dibilitating is the acid/heartburn/indigestion which also seems constant with everything i try to swallow.  My mouth and throat are so dry i cant seem to alleviate  it and consequently the need to cough all the time is great and exhausting.

Any advice to cope would be appreciated.

  • Hi Baba,

    the constipation is just awful.  I managed to find something which really helped me after googling loads on lnline.  Sugar free liquorice worked wonders,  i started off taking to pieces daily and when my body got used to it i cut down to just one.

    also colonic massage is good for moving everything along,  sounds a pain but its so simple, quick and easy and i still do this now even though my treatment is finished.  I was prepared to try anything so good luck.

    i was 67 when i was first diagnosed with TNBC and 69 when it returned (2019).  Stay strong xx

  • Thank you for your tips. I'll try the liquorice haven't had that since I was a child. Thinking of you, take care

  • Hi Baba

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I suggest that you contact your team about the acid reflux and they’ll be able to prescribe something to help  with it. Also drink plenty of fluids to help with the dry mouth.

    Wishing you the best of luck with the rest of your treatment.

    Best wishes


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  • I struggled with constipation and found the culprit was the long acting antisickness tablet they gave me on the day of chemo. I got that changed to something shorter acting, and the problem went away. A daily Omeprazole tablet stopped the acid reflux, I got the hospital to prescribe them.