Paclitaxel and side effects

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I am currently having 12 weekly treatments of Paclitaxel and I have just had my 5th treatment. What side effects have others experienced? I am experiencing pins and needles in my hands and toes.  I am aware that this is not unusual, but I am concerned whether these side effects will continue long term. Has anyone learnt about long term effects whilst having this treatment.

I certainly have more energy after the 4 EC cycles which is a great relief. As always nothing is straight forward in one's cancer journey.

Many thanks for the support from this community

  • Hi

    I have only had 2 cycles of paclitaxel so far after 3 cycles Of EC and, like you, have found that I feel much better on this chemo.

    I haven't experienced any side effects, touch wood, but I was advised by my oncologist that if I got any pins and needles in my hands and feet to get in touch with them as it could be the start of peripheral neuropathy. I understand that it can be reversed if caught early enough so I'd give the chemo suite a ring tomorrow and mention it to them.


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  • Thanks, I was going to do just that. I am seeing my oncology consultant on Tuesday and will check this out.  I was told they could adjust my treatment according to my side effects. It all seems a fine balance. I hope you continue with no side effects.

  • I have found it harder than EC. The first dose put me in hospital. With some changes to the supporting regime I am surviving but it’s relentless. No peripheral neuropathy as yet but that to me is a red flag side effect I am not prepared to push too far. 

  • I found weekly pax easier than EC. However every 3rd week was carboplatin and that was awful - felt shocking when I had that.

    I think it’s trying to find a balance between treating and thr side effects. My onc told me he doesn’t like 12 weeks of pax and prefers 9 weeks as feels side effects like neuropathy can be worse if have 12 cycles. But then everyone is different and tolerates stuff differently. 

  • Thank you all for the responses which helped me with my consultation this morning.  My treatment dosage will be reduced by 15%.  The 12 weekly treatments remain. A reduction in number was not supported as the best outcome.

    It was good to be able to have a frank discussion. 

    One never knows what is round the corner.

    Take care and onwards with your journey