CAPE side effects

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Hi I have primary TNBC and currently on 5th round. Has anyone had an issue with their bloods? My bloods show raised liver enzyme levels?

  • My liver enzymes were always off every other cycle in fact the oncologist was worried it had spread so gave me a ct scan and fortunately no problem found. Lots of ladies have had liver counts that were raised on cape so I guess it is normal. The liver has to filter the chemo out so makes sense it suffers a bit. 
    a strange thing we did notice is if I drank tonic water my Liver counts improved but this probably was a coincidence I hope this helps

  • Thanks so much for your reply. My Onc put fear of god in me as mentioned raised Alkaline phosphate levels can indicate secondary cancer in bones or liver. My ALT levels also increased. Not so worried about these as elevated when on IV chemo. My Alkaline phosphate  only slightly out of normal range (138) so feel like onc should have been bit more measured rather than stressing me out so much!