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Hi there guys, 

this is my first time posting here. 
I’m a 27 year old mother with two young children, I was diagnosed TNBC at the end of February and currently just going into my third cycle of EC.

i saw my oncologist last week who told me the news that my original tumour had shrunk by 7mm and the other smaller ones could no longer be seen on the mri scan, whilst this is great I think I felt disappointed because I thought it would be better news than that as I could no longer feel my lump and it got HUGE before starting treatment. After my next EC (tomorrow) I will be changing to something which will be weekly for 9 weeks and another on every 3rd week I completly forgot to ask what they were called. 
she told me I could have a day in my surgery, now this is where I’m looking for advice, I think if possible I would just rather opt for a double mastectomy with recon, as I think I would mentally cope with this and the fear of it returning. Im trying to find any information I can to either support what my mind is thinking towards or to make my self feel better with conserving surgery, this all yet completely depends on what my genetics testing comes back at. 
what have you guys done or doing? 
i am so confused and overwhelmed with everything! 
Thanks if you read this far! 
all my love! 

  • I recommend you take the lead from the doctors who are treating you. The decision on mastectomy versus breast conserving surgery with radiotherapy is likely to largely be a technical one about the size of tumour versus size of breast. The outcomes are similar.