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I have a 16mm tumour, triple negative, grade 3. There’s no obvious evidence of spread to lymph nodes but will have sentinel node biopsy when I have surgery. I am arranging for my care to be transferred to a hospital that offers TARGIT-IORT radiotherapy at the time of surgery. The idea is then to look at the analysis of tumour and lymph nodes to decide whether the benefits of chemo outweigh the risks. Age 65, otherwise fit and healthy. I’d welcome input from others with similar experiences. 

  • Just wanted to say hello, I have same diagnosis as you but no experience of that type of radiotherapy though I googled it and looks interesting. Where will you be having it done? I’m currently having chemo which has been ok after having had lumpectomy and then it’ll be a 5 day course of intensive radiotherapy.   

  • Thanks. I am hoping to have it in Winchester but it depends on them accepting me as a suitable patient. Otherwise it’s the 5 day course same as you. Did they find anything in your lymph nodes? I am curious to understand whether they are holding out hope I won’t need chemo as a way of avoiding breaking all the bad news at once.  Digging around last night it seems pretty well universal for this cancer. 

  • Hi lymph nodes were clear fortunately.  I’ve had 3 x EC and on my second of nine Paclitaxel which so far has been no problem.  I will have to have further surgery as just found out I have PALB2 gene so have hysterectomy and probably double mastectomy to look forward to. It seems never ending! Good luck with your op and being accepted. 

  • Just to add an update. I wasn’t in the end suitable for Targit-iort as I need whole breast radiotherapy. I have had a wide area excision and sentinel lymph node biopsy and am currently awaiting the pathology report.