What treatment after surgery ?

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I was diagnosed with Grade 3 stage 3 TNBC in September . I had 3 cycles of EC chemo and was due to start 12 weeks of PC on 21st December . Unfortunately I ended up in hospital with pancreatitis twice over Xmas which culminated in me having my gallbladder removed 4th Jan .  It was decided due to lack of response to chemo that surgery would be brought forward( was supposed to be after the chemo)   . Anyway my question is has anyone else with TNBC had surgery before competing the chemo and if so did they complete the chemo after the surgery ? It’s not that I am keen to have the chemo it’s just that I don’t want any stray cells left and everything I have read suggests that is what will kill them .   I have sn appointment to discuss results from node biopsies on Friday but wanted to hear others that may have similar treatment experiences.

  • Hi Harleybear

    I'm sure they will complete the chemo after surgery as chemo is important for those of us who have or have had triple negative.  If your oncologist decides not to carry on with chemo you are entitled to insist that you have the chemo.  You are also entitled to change your oncologist if you aren't happy with the one you have.

    Best of luck with your results tomorrow.

    Daisy xx

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  • Thanks that is reassuring.  You have confirmed what I thought that chemo is needed . It’s never what anyone wants but I just want to get on with it .  The sooner I start it again the sooner it is over .   I have just been worrying as surgery was always discussed as almost the end of treatment.  The fact it has he in the middle just had me disconcerted.   Xxx