Pathology results. Think it's good news...

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So my wife had her pathology results today. 3 nodes removed and were clear of cancer with no sign of cancer ever being there. Before treatment her tumour was 23mm. They removed 1.5mm of residual cancer. Clear margins. 

So she is happy that the chemo has done a brilliant job, but a little disappointed not getting a complete response to chemo. 

Oral chemo (Cape) was briefly mentioned, but they sort of said that as only 1.5mm of residual left and no nodes, that it may not be necessary. She is having another meeting tomorrow and will discuss it more. Her thoughts are to chuck everything at it even if only 1.5mm left. 

So she is sort of happy, disappointed and a little stressed all in one. She is obviously scared as am I about reacurrance, and hearing of residual frightens her. 

Would love to hear from other who had residual after surgery and are doing well. Also experience of Cape. 

  • Hi Jam79

    I had cancer left in one of the nodes that my surgeon took so my oncologist put me on Cape for six months. I found it easy to take and apart from some fatigue I didn’t have any side effects from it. I’m doing well.

    Wishing you and your wife the best of luck in the future.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi, Thanks for your reply Daisy 53.

    We saw the oncologist today. He was sitting on the fence in terms of whether to use Cape. This was because the residual was so small and nodes have been clear from the start. He also said that between the short gap where chemo had finished and surgery, the chemo would have still been working, and that if surgery had been put back a couple of weeks, that it might of had the chance to achieve pcr and get rid of the last 1.5mm. 

    Wife has decided to got onto Cape which the oncologist is fine with and supports her decision. Just needs to do some blood test prior to make sure liver can handle Cape. 

    Also testing to see if lack of vitamin D. As trials have shown it is a good thing in terms of preventing reacurrance. Aspirin was also mentioned as research is showing positive results in terms of tnbc, but final results of that trial haven't been formally completed yet. 

    She will be having 10 lots of radiotherapy in total. That's 5 regional and 5 focused on where tumour was.

    Wife is feeling much better about things after today.