Possible lung mets?

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My mum was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in July 2020. She underwent chemo, mastectomy and radiation. Treatment finished in April this year.

Abour 4 weeks ago she started with a dry cough and a bit of a runny nose. A week later, the dry cough has developed into a chesty cough. We just put it down to a cold/bug but then a few days later, my mum started with pain when trying to take a deep breath. She went to her gp and they sent her for a chest x- ray, and the radiologist said that there was infection and she was then prescribed antibiotics. 

The gp ordered for another x-ray for in 4 weeks time to check the infection had cleared or reduced. We got the results yesterday. The radiologist has written "dense area, growth, nature uncertain". The gp has now referred my mum to the respiratory clinic, but because of her history, we are worried sick that it is secondary breast cancer in her lung.

The gp said she now doesn’t think it’s an infection. 

The plus side being that the pain upon taking a deep breath only lasted 3 days, her cough has improved and she has no other symptoms such as weight loss or coughing blood.

Are these positives? Is there anything else that could cause this? Is there something else it could be besides cancer that would cause this dense area to grow in 4 weeks?

I'm a bit annoyed with the gp to be honest because she says "I don't think it's infection", but then in the next sentence says "we aren't to speculate"… well, you just have.


Would secondaries in the lung grow noticeably in 4 weeks to be seen on an x-ray?

Thanks x

  • Hi there,

    I’m sure you are worried sick now about your Mum. When is her appointment at the hospital? The hanging around is just awful isn’t it?

    You kindly sent me a reply recently about her nodes etc but I couldn’t find it to reply to you. 

    Thinking of you all


  • Hiya, oh don’t worry about the reply, nice to hear from you again.

    We are waiting for her to receive an appointment, but have been told she will be seen within the next 2 weeks.

    I just can’t even think of anything else it could be, and no one seems to have much information sadly x