When does chemo start after meeting Oncologist?

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Hello Everyone

I was given my diagnosis of TNBC on 13th October and met my surgeon on October 20th with my clip insertion taking place tomorrow. I am then meeting the Oncologist on November 3rd. I am getting impatient and wanting to start treatment as I am wobbling that with every day passing the tumour is growing. Can anyone give me some guidance on the time frame involved please?

Wishing everyone the very best.

Thanks for your help. 


  • Hi Blossom,

    I was diagnosed last Wednesday but my first siting of the dreaded cancer was on the 25 of September. I have not yet met the consultant or had a treatment plan.  Like you I just want to get started on getting rid! I have an apt this Thursday but not quite sure what for.  I'm sure it's different. For everyone but seems that someone happens every  2 weeks in my area.

    Let me know how you're getting on 

    a x

  • Hi

    Sorry you are here. My timeline was as follows but this is because I needed dental work first as I will be having bisphosphirates.

    14 April - doctor

    20 May - one stop shop biopsies and markers inserted in breast and lymph node.

    25 May - diagnosis tbnc 35mm plus lymph node affected treatment plan 6 X docetaxel/Carboplatin and bisphosphirates every six months for 10 years (I am 50 and post menopause)

    28 May CT scan with and without contrast

    30 May MRI with and without contrast torso only

    Beginning of June dental treatment

    8th June - scan results show scatters of additional cancer in same breast and now 85mm tumour plus suspicious area on left breast so another biopsy and marker inserted. Confirmed mastectomy to take place.

    18th June - biopsy results show left breast is fine. 

    End of June completed dentistry

    8th July started 6 cycles of Doc/carbo

    August - results of DNA are negative. Single mastectomy confirmed

    October - after 4 doc carb bloods tested showed my body couldn't cope with it. First a push back due to low white cells and second low platelets. 

    4th October - switched to 2 rounds of FEC. 

    I should have had second today but I discussed side effects with the chemo nurse on Tuesday and she said I should have a week off so last one next Thursday. 

    I then have a surgery appointment booked for 12th November and am expecting surgery to take place beginning of December. Following that I will have radiotherapy and start the bisphosphirates. Plus some sort of chemo too but don't know what that looks like yet. 

    I hope you find this helpful to get an idea of the timeline. It's frustrating to be waiting for appointments and results and for the plan to change but it does happen. I didn't cope well with the change of plan for the drugs as I had it in my head and did my research. I'm not so bothered about change now that I realise it happens.

    I hope you get underway soon as it does become easier and you can sort out a bit of a routine for normal life once you know how you cope on the chemo. 

    Take care. Heidi

  • Hi Heidi

    I hope you are doing well? I met my surgeon last Thursday - just told me what I already knew - apart from he said I was Grade 2 stage 3!!! (I was told originally stage 2,  guess due to the the cancerous lymph nodes.  

    I had genetic testing and I'm waiting to met the oncologist - this apt can not come soon enough - I had my markers put in during the biopsy!

    The surgeon tried to reassure me that the cancer isn't growing as fast as i think - 


    Overall I am in a much better place than the first 3 weeks - trying to build my resilience for the chemo

  • Hi

    Glad you have a diagnosis although I've not been told a stage. Only grade 2. I finished neo chemo on Thursday. 12th I have oncologist and surgery appoints. 

    Hopefully by Xmas I will have had mastectomy and lymph node clear and on to radiotherapy and poss more chemo. 

    The past 5/6 months have gone so quick. It will be over before you know it. I got into a routine and it really helped. 

    Good luck and keep me posted.