Chemo and monitoring

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Hi all

I've had 5 rounds of docetaxel carbo. I've had one FEC and was expecting one more only to finish then surgery but my oncologist says he may continue with FEC for a few more. 

I'm concerned because I have not had a single examination during chemo. I want to know the risk benefit of doing more than originally planned and I don't understand how the onc is making decisions. 

Has anyone else had this situation with no scans or even visual examination? I had an inverted nipple which has come out. I had no lump initially but it grew to 85mm by the time I had had MRI CT scans and started chemo. The lump has gone.

Ive had no appointments to discuss surgery yet whilst others I know have started treatment layer than me and already have surgery booked. 

Thanks for your thoughts. 

  • HI .  It's brilliant news that you are responding so well to chemo and that you can no longer feel the lump and your nipple is no longer inverted.  

    As to why your oncologist wants to continue with more rounds of chemo without first examining you I don't know and really only your oncologist can answer that question.  Are you able to get in touch with them and ask the questions you have which all seem very valid and reasonable. 

    It could be you are responding so well to chemo that they feel continue with that a bit longer might mean you won't need surgery - does your oncologist know that your nipple is no longer inverted and that you can't feel the lump anymore?

    Best thing to do is try and get in touch with your oncologist and also take heart with the great progress you seem to be making.

    Wishing you all the best in whatever comes next.