My first chemo appointment tomorrow, what can I expect?

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Depending on the results of my many recent tests, I´ll be having my first chemo session tomorrow afternoon.

What can I expect and what should i bring with me? 

Thanks in advance.

  • Hello again , you might have more luck if you post this on the general breast cancer forum as it's much more active.  There is a chemo thread on there for ladies having chemo in September and October so I would post it there.  Just click HERE

  • Thank you, GodWilling, I didn´t realise there was a specific chemo thread before I posted. Thanks for posting the link for me :) 

  • Hello 

    I hope your first treatment went well. I just started my first round of  EC today so curious to read the response to your question - did you re-post as  suggested? If not, maybe with your experience thus far, you could help me please? I feel queasy so looking for tips to help reduce it.  Anti-sickness tablet not due until bedtime….maybe I should just have an early night! Drinking lots of water but that’s not helping. 

    I look forward to hearing from you - sending lots of love and hugs X

  • Hello BMS21 (for short!),

    How are you feeling now? Has your queasiness subsided? I hope so. For me, my nausea lasts for a couple of days and usually starts a couple of days post chemo day. But this weekend I haven´t had too much sickness, just tiredness. I usually don´t want to eat, due to feeling sick, but in the end that´s what helps me to stop feeling so queasy. So I try to eat rice cakes, bread sticks- mostly dry food and as you´ve said, drink a lot of water. Hope this helps and let me know how you´re doing. XXX