zoledronic acid

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Could people tell me good and bad about this? My teeth are not very good and dentist won't see m at present although said they would if I am going for this.

I read somewhere that if this is put into the blood slower it causes less pain- but my consutlant had not heard of that.

I don't have to decide yet as radiotherapy is first.

  • Hi I’m receiving twice yearly infusion of zoledronic acid, I was diagnosed TNBC 2018 x will be getting the infusion for 3 years. I’ve been okay with it but recently the back of my lower front teeth x 2 have chipped, I don’t know if this is related. Other than that it’s been okay.  I went for every treatment available radio, chemo x this. I think you should see a dentist before starting this as it can cause jaw problems, although this is rare it can be very painful. Good luck with everything x 


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  • Hi Sunny, just wondered if you could give me a bit for info on the zoledronic acid infusion. I have been recommended to have it, but after looking at possible side effects, it am very apprehensive to say the least. 

    Thank, hope you are well,


  • I’ve had this and it was ok.....better than the alternative I reckon....

  • I meant to say, the only problem with the dentist is if you need an extraction.....I think this can hold up treatment. Any other dental work is ok though.

    so many things to take on board.....horrid, eh?

  • If i read the paper inside a pack of tablets, I’d  never take anything if I thought I’d get it all. They list what you MIGHT get.....and it may only be one thing on the list. Mine is in with EC so I never really know which one is giving me any problem....Fatigue has been the worst thing so far...