Swelling below my collar bone

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Just a recap first of all, After going to the doctor about a lump in my neck just above the collar bone and also another lump just above my breast, said the lump above my breast was just fatty tissue but referred me to ENT about the one above my collar bone, I had a lump on the right side of my Thyroid removed in January along with the the piece of the thyroid that goes across the front, both were tested and came back positive for cancer, CMV of PTC, I had the left side removed in March it was clear. I had my RAI treatment last week. 

However before I went in I discovered another swelling below my collarbone on the right side but I thought I'd get the radiation over and then go back to doctors about this swelling. I thought maybe it would show up in the fully body scan they do before you leave but Nuclear nurse said all it shows up is the cells that the radiation has attached to. I went back to the doctors she gave me a full breast exam nothing showed there so initially the plan was to refer me to breast screening and back to ENT but now have decided to just refer me back to ENT. 

Has anyone else experienced this? hopefully I will get seen soon.

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    I'm sorry that no one from the group has popped by to share their experience with you since I directed you here from the New to the Community group. Of course it might be that no one here has the experience you're looking for or just that they haven't seen your post yet.

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  • I haven't experienced the same as you @Lily60 but just wanted to say something rather than nothing.  I am waiting for my op date which should be soon for total thyroidectomy and dissection of lymph nodes and feeling apprehensive but know I have to go through it.  Hope you are ok and wish you all the best.

  • Hi Lily60. Just wanted to say I am thinking about you. Not had quite the same as you but know that feeling of worry and being unsure and anxious. I had a full TT and left neck dissection end of February and RAI in May. In April I had swelling in my neck and phoned the specialist nurse. My endocrinologist examined my neck and said it was my carotid arteries I was feeling! I have a very slim neck and see and feel everything there. Maybe a good thing as I could easily see one of my neck lumps before surgery! I too felt anxious as everything seemed to be going on at once! Had mammogram before surgery - all clear- routine bowel test- all clear. It was a tick list I was continually ticking off! Before RAI they did a heart check and I was given a heart ultrasound after RAI- they say I have a leaky valve!!! I cried and laughed at the same time thinking what on earth is next?! However all settled down and hopefully normality returning. Back at school  a few days before end of term but not yet teaching. I wish you all the luck in the world and you’ll be just fine. Here anytime for a chat. Take care x

  • Hi Latchbrook thanks for getting in touch I have just wrote my whole journey so far into my profile.

  • Hi Latchbrook I just filled in my profile. thanks for getting in touch Blush

  • Hello Petal66

    thanks for getting in touch and good luck with your op, hope all goes well for youBlush

  • Hi Dexx

    Unlike you I have a very fat, short neck!!LaughingLaughing

    Its probably just fatty tissue but I just want to be sure that all it is. It just seems one thing after another! The majority of it has been a positive experience and everybody has been great and very helpful. I haven't been back to school since march (I was a classroom assistant) couldn't cope with the tiredness, so I'm thinking of retiring now, school finishes this week so I have the whole summer to think about it.

    It was lovely to chat to you, take care

  • Thank you Lily60 and best wishes to you too, hope everything turns out to be fine and you get your appointment soon. xx