Inconclusive ultrasound

Hi all

I don’t know what I’m expecting from writing this other than the hope someone has been through something similar 

I found a pea size lump which seems to be near my epididymis , it caused some pain which has subsided but hurts if I touch the lump. I had an ultrasound today and the person was abit baffled by what it was - they said definitely not a cyst which is the diagnosis I was hoping for , they said it doesn’t look like a typical sinister lump either but couldn’t rule it out 

They said it didn’t have a blood supply, they showed it to me on the screen and it just looks like a small white lump. They asked if I had recently had an infection and I haven’t that I know of 

They have referred it to a specialist at hospital (assuming urologist?) and I should get a call in a week or sooner if it is something sinister

I know it’s a case of waiting but I feel physically sick and it was all abit of a blur and Dr Google doesn’t really give much info as most cases seem to be either conclusively a cyst or cancer  

Im 33 years old if it helps 

if anyone has any sort of advice it would be appreciated 

  • Hi bleon. Sorry to hear you are having some issues atm. I will tell you a bit about my experience and this can maybe give you something to go on. I found a small lump on the side of my ball and it was also sensitive to touch. When I went for my ultrasound the nurse also told me something similar to yourself. Unsure of the exact nature of the lump but thought it was not a cyst. I then received a call later that afternoon from a doctor telling me to return to discuss what he thought was a cancerous lump. After having surgery now and had it removed his prognosis was correct. I had a 1.4cm 100% mature teritoma. It had not travelled anywhere else and I am now 4 months post op and still cancer free and on surveillance. Currently sitting on a beach in Paros Greece loving the sunshine and life couldn't be better. So face what you may face head on and look to the future for courage and hope. Best wishes Andrew 

  • Hi Andrew

    Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to reply, and thanks for your story

    I think the worst is the not knowing, as it’s a weekend I won’t hear anything and I’m almost acting like Iv had a cancer diagnosis when I haven’t, as I guess I’m preparing for the worst

    from what I have been reading, if it’s not a cyst or anything else that’s easily diagnosable on a ultrasound  then it’s not normally good news, there doesn’t seem to be much in between!

    thanks again and enjoy your time in Greece!

  • The worst part of all of this is the unknown waiting. Once you have answers then your mind rests a bit. Even if it is bad news cause then atleast you know where you are to go next 

  • Hi bleon

    I'm going through something similar to yourself found a small lump on my right ball. I had 2 ultrasounds and was told it definitely wasn't a cyst. I then saw a urologist who sent me for cancer blood test which came back normal. So 2 weeks ago I saw the urologist again and said that he can't be sure what it is and said it will be coming out. Then he told me he was going to send me for a repeat ultrasound in 8 weeks and see if there is any change in size BTW it measures 6mm in size which I was told is small. So at the moment I don't know what is going on or what will happen just very worried at the moment 


  • Hi Dazz

    Sorry to hear you are going through this too.My outcome was a little different but I am also still worried as I don’t have an actual diagnosis  . The conclusion was that they don’t know what it is l, it’s 4mm in size and it ‘doesn’t look like cancer’ but they can’t tell me what it is, but it’s not a cyst.

    I haven’t been given any other follow up other than to ‘keep any eye on it’ - no follow up ultrasound/bloods 

    fingers crossed for you 

  • Hi Dazz

    Firstly I am not a doctor so please take my advice with a massive grain of salt! I’m a ball down and had  one shot of chemo since the beginning of 2022. When I was at the ultrasound stage I was told pretty much that if it’s not fluid based or a cyst the f@cker is coming out. They can’t do a safe histology without removing the ball so they take the route of remove now worry about the result later. Based on what you’ve said I’m not sure that would sit well with me. What else could it be? Ask them to tell you. I don’t want to unnecessarily scare you but one thing I have learned in the last 6 months is don’t take no for an answer, you deserve to be treated as this cancer and potentially serious. I’m sure it is nothing but bang on a few doors or get a second opinion elsewhere. If you can afford it go private. 

    Best of luck!

  • Did you sweat excessively when sleeping recently? Do you get hot flashes during the day or feel weird for last month or so?  Did you have throat pain more often in last 2 months than normal? These were my symptoms before the diagnose.

  • Hi lads

    Yes alot of sweating from armpits only very bad and have a sore throat on 1 side for a day and goes for a few days and comes back again. That's about it no hot flashes I hope to have repeat ultrasound in the nxt couple of weeks.

  • Throat is somehow connected to testicles, so it might be a symptom as I have the same now and as well on one side only, but if you dont "night sweat" it is not in a late stadium and even if its cancer, it can be  very well treated, don't worry and wait for the result from scans, even if they will be bad you can fight through it just think positive all the time :)  Do you also experience tinnitus?  

  • Hi bleon, 

    I had similar experience in 2019, no lump but an enlarged epididymis and loads of pain, rushed down to A&E, was examined multiple times and urine samples taken. Eventually got to the urologist who found the pain source, took a look at 24 year old me, and told me I should get tested (in front of my girlfriend of 9 years!) for an sti. I didn’t have an sti but he was very arrogant and it was a bad experience. 

    october 2021 immense pain in my abdomen, thinking appendix (same side) the hospital don’t think so and CT scan me on my front looking for kidney stones. 

    february 2022 pain is back and the hospital find a large tumor in my abdomen and long story short turns out it’s germ cell/ testicular cancer! I’ve now completed 4 cycles of Chemo and my scan is completely clear! 

    I believe, as do the many doctors I have seen since October 2021 that it stems from 2019 and that things developed more or less because I accepted a diagnosis that I didn’t agree with but had little confidence to challenge. Going back to the doctors with the same issue again will make them take it more seriously. If you are worried make sure you are as pro active as you can be! 

    good luck and hope it’s nothing sinister at all!