Inconclusive ultrasound

Hi all

I don’t know what I’m expecting from writing this other than the hope someone has been through something similar 

I found a pea size lump which seems to be near my epididymis , it caused some pain which has subsided but hurts if I touch the lump. I had an ultrasound today and the person was abit baffled by what it was - they said definitely not a cyst which is the diagnosis I was hoping for , they said it doesn’t look like a typical sinister lump either but couldn’t rule it out 

They said it didn’t have a blood supply, they showed it to me on the screen and it just looks like a small white lump. They asked if I had recently had an infection and I haven’t that I know of 

They have referred it to a specialist at hospital (assuming urologist?) and I should get a call in a week or sooner if it is something sinister

I know it’s a case of waiting but I feel physically sick and it was all abit of a blur and Dr Google doesn’t really give much info as most cases seem to be either conclusively a cyst or cancer  

Im 33 years old if it helps 

if anyone has any sort of advice it would be appreciated 

  • Well chaps

    Yes I'm experiencing tinnitus from time to time and slight ache at the side of penis that comes and goes. I'm due back for repeat scan in 2 weeks so hopefully things will become abot clearer. Urologist said to me already that it has to come out but other doctors on the multi team wanted to wait for this repeat scan. Hopefully if it has to come out it will all b ok. I don't want things going on for the lenght of time guitarman had to put up with.

  • Well, just do what the doctors say, it is not easy, but it saved my life once.