Just had my ultrasound and been referred

Hi boys,

just had an ultrasound after feeling a lump about 3-4 weeks ago and I’ve been referred to the urology as they think it’s cancerous, apparently it’s 9mm x 12mm not sure if that’s big or not. Can’t stop worrying now, I’m 34 with 3 young kids so not bothered about having the ball cut out. Tbh just want it out now. Any advice how to deal with worry? I don’t think I can work with my head like this. Thanks lads

  • Hi James.

    That isn't a big lump, so I'm sure you've caught it early. If it goes over 4cm it increases the risk factor slightly, but you're well below that. Hopefully you'll have the op in a week or two, and be back to normal a few weeks later.

    Best wishes


  • Fingers crossed bud. Sitting here waiting for the urology phone call. Might even call them at midday if no call yet. Not much appetite now either which is annoying!! Going to get out and try to keep busy. 

  • I did some research and found an increased risk of TC in young men who have smoke regularly from a young age. I.e me. I have smoked for over 14 years. So could have been a factor in me gaining it as noone in my family has history if it. I'm at that age now anyway that I shouldn't be doing it as much as I was. Not saying I won't again but certainly not every night. Just thought I'd share that info 

  • I wouldn't get too hung up on the cause. Although smoking is obviously a risk factor for many other cancers. I'm still of the view that mine might have been caused by having a laptop on my lap in bed for many hours (no not porn). But I've got no evidence to back that up, and I'm not going looking for any.

  • ACH no. It is what it is. When I was I. That stage of wondering though I found some info. You defo been chocking that chicken too much tehe

  • Well they urology unit didn’t call today so I’ve got to wait till Monday for my appointment date now. So annoying that I’ve now got to wait all weekend to get my appointment. Do they realise how mucDisappointedof a worry it all is. Does anyone know if private would be a lot quicker? Trying to be positive in this shit situation

  • Also does anyone know how fast they can grow etc like weeks or months for substantial growth. Can’t find anything on the internet about that. 

  • Sorry to hear you didn’t get an answer today. Personally I would be chasing them 1 minute after the time they said. Like you I can’t wait. I’ve learned through personal experience you get nowhere by giving them the benefit of the doubt and worrying about wasting busy doctors time. Presumably you’ve been been paying into the nhs for a long time - this is your time to get looked after. 

    I wasted a few weeks with the nhs at the beginning of December. Got nowhere in 3 weeks. I’m sure most of people have had positive experiences but I chose (after the 3 weeks of shit) to use my private work health care. Don’t know why I didn’t originally (probably ignorant optimism) but I saw a urologist 4 hours after phoning, had an ultrasound, follow up with urologist and operation date within another 48 hours. If you have access to private healthcare smash the front door down. This is exactly what it is for. I even rang the surgeon on a Sunday morning  when I had some concerns over chemo side effects. People don’t stop being ill at the weekend! 

    I know it isn’t easy but try and relax over the weekend. Nothing is going to spread in a few days. On Monday get on the phone, polite but firm……Good luck 

  • I don’t have access to private so would be paying myself (not something I’m bothered about) I just want the thing out!!!! Tbf I was ringing them today and they just said the urologist hasn’t sent the files back yet. That’s when I thought I’d ring a private clinic. The money wasn’t ridiculous for private either it was around the 3k mark, but they even said they can’t do anything till Monday. It’s crazy because it’s probably been there for a couple of months and I’ve been living normally now I know it’s there I just can’t stop thinking about having it out. I might try a few other clinics tomorrow 

  • Try not to worry. A few more days or even weeks isn't going to make much difference.

    Get in contact with your hospital's PALS Patient Advisory and Liaison Service. Tell them the missed appointment is causing you anxiety. They have real clout and get things moving really fast.