Just had my ultrasound and been referred

Hi boys,

just had an ultrasound after feeling a lump about 3-4 weeks ago and I’ve been referred to the urology as they think it’s cancerous, apparently it’s 9mm x 12mm not sure if that’s big or not. Can’t stop worrying now, I’m 34 with 3 young kids so not bothered about having the ball cut out. Tbh just want it out now. Any advice how to deal with worry? I don’t think I can work with my head like this. Thanks lads

  • Not a big lump that mate. Mine was 14mm. I've had surgery and nothing else. I'm on surveillance now. Honestly if your gonna get a cancer. Be happy it's TC. Very easy to treat and really good rates. So best get it oot and get on with life eh. Don't get yourself to worked up. Look at it this way, after surgery your going to have a good few weeks of doing very little so grab a playstation controller and complete those games you've always wanted to 

  • Thanks for the reply mate. How long from referral was it until they took it out? I literally just want them to take it out tomorrow!!! It’s so shit just waiting. I feel like I caught it early as I’m quite anxious anyway so do check quite often. Not shy of sitting on my sofa for a few weeks either!! Do they tell you if it’s spread straight away? Thanks again bud

  • I was 2 weeks from diagnosed to surgery. Then a week later went for CT. A week after that I got the all clear. So expect 2 weeks after surgery to know what's happening next. The worse part of it all is the uncertainties mate. I'm on surveillance now and that still doesn't go away. Just forget about things as much as you can. Obviously keep one eye on yourself so you can highlight things with your doctor's but don't overthink. Not gonna get you anywhere. Like for me I had a type cancer that is not treatable with chemo or radiotherapy ( very rare ) so that was something I kept coming back to but it is what it is. Just need to face what happens and enjoy your time without it being infront of you 24/7.

  • Thanks so much for the replies bud…. Your right it’s the uncertainty about everything. Glad your doing good now mate. How long has it been for you now?? I just never thought I’d be in this position!! I suppose no one does! 

  • I was diagnosed on the 21st December had the op 30th (would’ve been sooner but Xmas delayed things). Had a ct scan on the 19th Jan and then one dose of chemo on the 27th. I was told the tumour grading on the 11th Jan. At this point they can offer a good guess on based on the histology results, tumour size and whether or not the tumour has invaded the tubes etc. After the ct scan you’ll get the overall picture of where you are.  

    My lump was 1.5cm if I remember correctly. I believe tumours over 4cm are considered large so yours small. There’s no doubt that we’ve all been put in a shit bag of a situation but as Andrew said TC is the best cancer to get. Take a deep breath, open up to your family and within the month you’ll be over the worst…and a testicle lighter……

  • Yes shit situation and when this month is done and dusted I’m sure I will be able to say it’s the better tumours to get. It is what it is and I can’t change things now. Did either of you make any drastic lifestyle changes? I eat rather healthy maybe drink to much on weekends which I’m sure I will change now. When I spoke to my doctor he said about the cyclist who had a tumour that was like 9cm or something and is fine. All good info but I suppose the worry will be there until it’s all out and done. Again thanks for reply’s it actually helps talking to people that have been through this. 

  • I found a lump middle of December. Got diagnosed 30th of December, surgery on the 12th of January and got the clear on 24th Jan. Went back to full time work start of march. Now preparing to go on holiday in a couple weeks. Can't wait to get away and have a good fun time. I changed a few things mate. I smoked fags so I quit it all. Ive never been a big drinker. But will still have a bevy now and then still. I'm 27 and turn 28 next week. To add to the crazy year so far. I got my fiance pregnant when I was still firing double barrels. So we are expecting in September. Found out she was the same day I found out I was cancer free.... Talk about buses eh. Can't wait to become a dad. So I keep my head high and move forward. Even when things seem tough we can still deal with alot more. I feel as if I cherish the smaller moments more now tho. Life ain't all that bad 

  • My oncologist and urologist both said TC is 100% not lifestyle related. Bad luck. 

    However, doesn’t hurt to live healthier does it? I’m keeping a closer eye on what I eat and trying to exercise more. Still, this experience has also taught me to enjoy myself and I still enjoy a good drink! 

  • I quit smoking. So I stopped all that. As for food. I tend to eat more now. Usually stuff tbh. But I feel like I have a better appetite now. Never drank that much but will drink as I like when I like. It's all about proportion tho ain't it. One bevy now and then ain't gonna hurt me. It just changed my perspective on the small things really. Enjoy life. It's got it's good parts 

  • Yea was wondering about cbd…. recently started smoking some cbd to help me relax. Just thinking now I need to be more healthy maybe a bit of a wake up call as long as everything’s good in the next 4 weeks I suppose. Crazy stuff the more I talk about it the better I feel tbh. Just really want the op now!! I’ll keep you all posted