Punch Biopsy on nose for suspected BCC

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I was referred by the doctor at the end of January to the plastic surgery department of my local hospital. The appointment happened on 13th Feb and today I have had my biopsy done. He has taken 3 samples as I have multiple lesions that are suspicious. All clustered around my nose!! I've been beyond anxious the last few weeks. But now they are done I feel more relaxed oddly. Still got to wait 4 - 6 weeks for results. But as I had to go into surgery today, have two big needles jabbed in either side of my nose and 3 punch biopsies and stitches I kind of know what to expect from now on. I'm confident that even if results come back positive they will be able to operate and get rid of the cancer. Think it was more the unknown that made me so anxious. Hope this helps someone else who is worrying. Xxx

  • Glad to hear everything went okay today

    Keep us informed of your results


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    Glad to hear you’re feeling ok 

    it is the unknown isn’t it that gets you 

    i was absolutely terrified before I had mine removed, and to be honest though it’s not something I’d like to repeat it wasn’t as bad as I’d envisioned 

    all the best for the future 

    Lynne x

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    Hi Melsy20

    Thank you for sharing.  I was diagnosed last night at 5pm with suspected BCC on my upper lip, biopsy next week.  I am petrified, I have since studied my upper lip and inside my nose!! I can see more but unsure why Dermatologist did not mention?

    I am petrified, my googling for info is not helping. You have mentioned multiple?  How are you?  Did biopsy hurt? 

    Thank you xx

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    Hi MPH, ok so my doctor and another doctor for a 2nd opinion diagnosed BCC on my nose but were not sure of the other areas I had concerns about. And like you the more I really studied the more I found. The plastic surgeon hasn't really confirmed anything which is I guess why I've had the biopsies.  He's taken 3, I have more but he said some looked the same, so one sample of each would be enough. The injection in each side of my nose hurt but soon passed. And i actually had to gown up and actually go into theatre. Now I know what's involved I don't feel so scared.  I googled so much I feel I could probably be an expert!! It didn't help but it didn't stop me so I totally get why people do Google. I hope you will feel better once you have had your biopsy. I know we still have to wait for results but BBC's can be dealt with. Please let me know how you get on next week. Xxxx 

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    Thank you so much for getting back to me, I feel exhausted and have not been able to focus on anything else today!  I honestly thought he was going to say it was a blocked pore or something but he seems pretty sure it is a BCC.  

    I feel that they should have checked my whole body there and then without sounding paranoid.  Is there anything I should be aware of biopsy wise?  Do results generally take that long?  So a plastic surgeon did your biopsy x 3?  Is that the norm?  As in a plastic surgeon performing procedure? 

    I am trying really hard to put it in perspective but it is overwhelming. Xxx

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    I know the feeling!! Ok so my doctor referred me straight to plastic surgery department. I think different places do it differently. I did think it would be a dermatologist I saw first.

    So my consultant is a plastic surgeon who is dealing with me now. 

    Consultant  said if it was anywhere else on my body he would of removed it without biopsy. But as on my face that is why he wanted to do biopsies.  

    I didn't expect to actually go into theatre to have them removed. But that's what happened. And yes he did the biopsies.  Local anaesthetic stings a bit but then you don't feel anything. 

    My next appointment will be in 4-6 weeks when I guess they will have the results. 

    I think you will feel better once you have had the biopsy. If you are worried about your nose etc make sure you say. 

    Good luck and please let me know how you get on. Xx

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    Thank you. Yes now it's done I feel better. Know more what to expect if further treatment is required. Like you can't say I want to repeat it but you get over it ok.


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    Good morning and thank you once again for all the support, much appreciated Raised hands

    I think that I would be happier with a plastic surgeon doing the biopsy you know especially as I understand that the plan would be to remove it completely.  Surely this makes sense on many levels?  

    It was a cancellation apt late on a Friday and I barely had time to absorb, I got the call that am and was there a few hours later, I then got the suspected diagnosis and then I think went into shock and did not question too much at the time, I have a lot more questions now....

    The biopsy scheduled for the 28th is being done at another local GP's surgery, not my area either.  No other medical history taken to date but all on the PC I guess.  Is the biopsy recovery straight forward?  Are you happy with the cosmetic result of this? 

    Finally, how are you managing to distract yourself during the 4/6 week wait and why does this take so long?  

    Thank you xx xx 

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    It was explained to me that a biopsy is best first as it's on our faces. They don't want to make a big excision to remove if it is not 100% a BCC.

    Do you know what type of biopsy you are having? I didn't until they phoned to see if I could come in on Friday. I think you can also have shave biopsy. And I had no clue what they would do, they didn't make much of anything really. Routine for them. 

    It was straight forward although I was really nervous because you've never done it before so you have no idea. I made sure I knew which areas were being biopsied and why others were not. Typical British don't like to bother people or be a nuisance so like you i didn't ask anything before. 

    I have a stitch in each and a sticky strip keeping them flat. I changed them today and saw the stitches. Tiny. So sure they will heal fine. I had the bcc there anyway so a scar will make no difference.

    I think I've had a bit more time to get used to it than you have yet. And I kind of thought it maybe anyway so I wasn't totally unprepared. 

    In my head my results will be clear and I will have made a fuss about nothing. Your results may come quicker. I think it really depends how busy they are. Trying not to think about the wait. Not sure how to pass time. Keep busy and try and carry on as usual? 

    This is all new to me also so good to talk to someone about it.  

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    Thank you so much once again, so much going on in my head right now, I should have initially chased the referral which was done last Sept but I honestly did not feel that it was urgent, the GP had forgotten to send it!  I chased on Wed just gone and an appointment was given to me on Friday am as a cancellation.  Anyway, it is what it is and I can't change that now....

    I wil prepare a list of questions and research further, I think I was just overwhelmed and in shock when then mentioned a potential skin cancer (BCC), I went into overdrive, googled everything, scared myself silly and my head went into overdrive!

    Good luck with your results, will keep you posted.  xx