Basal cell cancer

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hi I have recently been diagnosed with a basal cell cancer on the side of my nose.I also have a pre cancer growth on the bridge of my nose.For the pre cancer I have been prescribed a chemo type cream.

I have been referred to the plastic surgeon for the BCC and am awaiting an appointment.I would.apreciate any info or others experience of similar 

thank you Cruton 

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

    My skin cancer wasn't a BCC so I don't have that experience to share with you but I wanted to take the opportunity of welcoming you to the group.

    There are lots of people here who have had what you describe and, while you're waiting for replies, I'd suggest that you take a look through some of the recent posts to discover their journeys. 

    You could also use the search facility on this page and type in the name of the chemotherapy cream you have been prescribed. This will then bring up any previous posts on that topic.

    Wishing you all the best and keep us informed with how you get on.


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    my bcc was under my eye , but if you look on my activity you will see I have posted some after photos 

    hope all goes well

    lynne x

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    Hi, I am in a similar position as you. Been diagnosed with BCC on side of nose and some other suspect patches. Doctor referred me to plastic surgeon who I saw yesterday. I have to have a biopsy on all the areas and go from there. Plastic surgeon didn't really give any indication of what he thought.  Making me doubt doctor's diagnosis. But two doctors did confirm. Did your doctor diagnose your BCC? Xx 

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    I didn’t have a biopsy, just removed by the plastic surgeon. I go back in March to see my consultant and hopefully be told that the margins are clear .

    All three consultants I have seen all said it was typical bcc. 

    I didn’t have a biopsy as I had general surgery, not MOHs , if I’d opted for MOHs I would have had to have a biopsy first 

    hope this helps


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    Just wondered if you have seen your plastic surgeon yet? 

    I to have a suspected BCC on my nose and some other suspect lesions. 

    I had 3 biopsies taken 2 weeks ago and follow up appointment on 3rd April.  So even though doctor said BCC I still don't really know. The not knowing makes m6 imagination go into overdrive!!

    Are you having surgery to remove the BCC? 

    Be good to hear from you? 


  • Hi ,

    I'm sorry you have had to join us.Yes the not knowing does tend to make your imagination run wild.I have found once you know What's what it somehow gets a bit easier.I guess I'm now used to the waiting game as I've been here quite a few times having had both kidney cancer and bladder cancer.I found keeping busy helped which I know is easier said than done.

    i saw the dermatologist first he was sure that the area next to my nose was a BCC and the one on the bridge of my nose is a actinic keratosis.He prescribed efudix cream for the pre cancer.I had to stop the cream after only using it sparingly for 3 days due to a multitude of side effects.I had metallic taste,headaches,Redness and very swollen eyes followed by pins and needles in hands and feet and loss of balance.Im just one of those people if there's a side effect I get the lot.Im still waiting for another appointment with him to discuss options which would have been more helpful in the first place.

    i saw the plastic surgeon he decided a biopsy wasn't needed as we both agreed it is a BCC.He said that I will probably need a skin graft and he will also do a "punch" biopsy of the pre cancer at the same time.They don't count BCC as urgent only malignant melanoma so it will be a wait till I get my surgery.I hope all goes well for you let me know how you go on and if I get my op date prior yours I will let you know how things go.There are others here who have been through this and come out the other side which I find reassuring and I hope you do too.

    wishing you all good things


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    Thanks for replying.

    My suspected BCC is on the side of the bridge of my nose, close to my eye. And the other lesions are around my nose too. I was referred straight to plastic surgeon by my doctor who called in another doctor at the time for 2nd opinion.

    But then as plastic surgeon did the biopsies maybe he thinks it isn't BCC. Like you say not urgent and I'm learning to be patient!!!

    All sounds similar to what you are going through. I have thought maybe I would be given cream to try too.  Hope you get something that doesn't make you feel so poorly. 

    It would be good to keep each other updated. 

    Helen xxx

  • Hi Helen 

    I have sent you a friend request be good to keep in touch 


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    Hi there

    I was diagnosed believed it or not on the off chance by a skin cancer doctor and went for a biopsy at his suggestion.  H was off course correct.  The situ is right next to my eye on the right hand side of my face.  I had the surgery a few days ago on the 14th March and although I 'heard' skin graft or flap (I had the flap) I still didn't really expect the after result.  I think I have about 13 stitches going down from the flap removal on my forehead, around my inner corner of eye and across my nose.  I made an effort the next day to get cleaned up as much as I could and although there is massive bruising (more to my right eye, which closed for 2 days) it made a difference.  I took Arnica, Pineapple orally, and apple cider vinegar (topically) I made smoothies up with Whey Protein & added turmeric to some, all to help with bruising and inflammation.  The dark bruising has almost gone with just a little showing and now turned yellow.  I'm still swollen, but definitely better.  The skin flap is swollen a bit too, but think this will heal over the next few months.  I don't have the courage to go out yet but it's still early days (4th day!)  I get the stitches out this Friday which will be on the 8th day. so hoping the next 4 days are going to be healing days too.  Forgot I also got a biopsy on my chin while I was there, so see what happens with that.  I was terrified of a local anesthetic, but the way they do it these days with the sedation, made me feel very comfortable.  Just keep positive as much as you can! Thumbsup

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    My dermatologist called to say my biopsy was basal cell.  The plastic surgeon had a cancellation and the next day I had it removed and replaced with a skin flap takes from under my eye to the tip of my nose.  Two thirds of the right side of my nose is covered with this skin flap.  I see the surgeon April 4.  My eyes are no longer black and the swelling has gone down.  My nose and right cheek are still very red.  The skin flap is very fat and raised and not all the stiches have come out.  I’m wondering if there is anyone here who has had this done and how quickly will my face look normal.   My plastic surgeon did say he could correct any scars.  All this happened so quickly I didn’t get a chance to ask questions.  I know this is a UK forum and I  am in Canada but I couldn’t find a local forum.