Basal cell cancer

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hi I have recently been diagnosed with a basal cell cancer on the side of my nose.I also have a pre cancer growth on the bridge of my nose.For the pre cancer I have been prescribed a chemo type cream.

I have been referred to the plastic surgeon for the BCC and am awaiting an appointment.I would.apreciate any info or others experience of similar 

thank you Cruton 

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    I had a BCC on the side of my nose removed at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead back in 2006. This involved moving a 'skin flap' from the cheek into the nose....its a bit of skin that gets rotated into a new position. 

    The procedure takes about half an hour.  My nose bled a lot afterwards, sort of weepy blood stuff from inside the nose, not any masses of gushing blood......but its another reason ( including that the painkiller will make you drowsy ) you should not drive to any such appointment. Another thing you will likely find is that the nose in the area of the skin flap feels strange to touch....because it is essentially a piece of skin that has been moved and you can get that odd sensation of touching it yet feeling the touch in a slightly different place. Also, because the rotated cheek skin is softer than nose skin, the nose skin where the flap is will feel softer.  I sometimes get an odd metallic smell if I touch where the flap is.....but I was told this is very unusual and probably illusory due to the moved area of skin. 

    As for cosmetic appearance afterwards, the flap is only really noticeable close up. 

    Alas a few years back I had another BCC pop up right next to the skin flap....the dermatologist is not sure if this is a recurrence of the old one, or a new one, but this time I'm having radiotherapy rather than surgery. 

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    Peter..thanks for your response.  How long did it take for the flap to be flat.  Mine is quite raised.

    My surgery was done at a clinic.  I was told that I would be able to drive myself home.  I had no idea till I arrived what the procedure was.  It all happened so fast.  I wish I’d had a consult first so that I could look at surgical options.   I have been told that all the edges are clear of BCC.

    This weekend the flap was infected.  I’m on strong antibiotics and the area is all red again.  I put a bandage on when I went out as I’ve had a few strange looks.

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    I had a BCC removed on 8th April from right of bridge of my nose and had forehead flap reconstruction.

    So im around 3 weeks post surgery. All looks really good, so much better than i imagined.  However i'm getting really bad pressure headaches in the area and i think my flap is now more raised than before and still numb and really odd to touch.

    How does yours look, feel etc?

    Ive got strong painkillers and have phoned to get advise from hospital. feel like im probably worrying over nothing and its all part of the healing process.

    Be good to hear from you.

    Helen xx

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