BCC face scar purple and after 4 weeks any recommendations for skincare to help it heal?

Hi everyone.

I had a BCC removed from under my eye a month ago quite long incisions under eye and down alongside nose.

I've kept it clean and it's knitted together well apart from two quite raised areas and redness, purple around stitches (know it's only been a monthSee no evil).

any recommendations to help with the healing process skincare wise? 

thanks Heart

  • Hi again.  I am massaging my scar two or three times a day with bio oil.  It is getting better but mine is still quite red and raised in parts too.  Sometimes I look and it looks better then another day it is redder.  Hope you are feeling a little better now.  I have the other one to have removed in a couple of weeks. Take care xx

  • Hi Harlyn I feel the same too some days better than others. I'm so sorry you still have another one to go. Sending support and get better soon wishes.

  • Hey Harlyn how are you doing after your recent  op?

  • Hi Babyyoda123 Not too bad a bit b atgtered and bruised. Had skin graft this time from side of my face.  Taken dressing off that today  and looks goods, no pain from that at all.  The area where the bcc was has the dressing stitchedf to it so that looks a mness, have those removed on Wednesday and see Consultant in 4 weeks.  Bruises seem to be coming out all the time. How are you doing now, is your scar getting any better yet. Thanks for asking xx

  • Bless u it sounds like you've been through the wars again See no evil  Glad no pain and as we both know scars slowly heal ThumbsupThumbsup I've got my appointment in 2.5 weeks the bit by my nose is still raised but the rest is healing ok irs just gonna take time. Currently in bed with covid See no evil what a year it's been 

    keeping everything crossed it heals well Fingers crossed tone1 please keep in touch 

  • just checking in and seeing how things are going? 

  • Hi. Not too bad thank you.  Had the last one done just over 2 weeks ago now and stitches are out.  It was very scabby but scabs have come off now and looks a bit strange yet but I am sure it will settle down. The skin flap one I had done earlier is settling down really well now.  How are you doing.  Just getting paranoid now the sun is starting to come out as I was always sun safe (or so I thought), but who knows now.  Keep in touch and thanks for checking on me. xx

  • Bless you I'm glad both are healing well. I took photos of mine so look back upon just to check on its progress. Keeping everything crossed that the 2nd one heals as well. I've got my follow up Tuesday with the surgeon so will be interested to see what he thinks.

    big hugs Harlyn keep In touch