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Hello Everyone

I have recently learnt just last week that my biopsy came back as positive with prostate cancer . Fortunatley, it has been caught 

early and is localised to the prostate  and not spread. My PSA is nornal and gleason reading is 3+4 =7 .

During my appointment with the urology consultant it was expalined I could either down down the route of surgery, or HT combined with radiotherapy.

I opted for the later but having  now had a conversation with the Macmillian team nurse here is Brighton who was incredibly knowleagable i have decided  to wait until i am sure. She has referred me to for furher appointments to both urology at Easbourne hospital l and then afterwards to  oncology here in Brighton. I have also read about HIFU  ( High intensity focused ultrasound) is this an option on the NHS does anyone know?.

I would apprecate other members opinions and  treatments which you have had and your personal experiences.


  • Hello David ( 

    A warm welcome to the online Macmillan prostate community. - I am so sorry to find you here but at least you look like you are heading for a "Curative Pathway".

    In answer to your two questions 

    * HIFU in the UK is only available on the NHS IF you can get yourself on a clinical trial - it is available if you wish to go private and pay for it.

    * Surgery or HT/RT ?? That's the $64,000 dollar question and it's purely down to personal choice. Each route has it's pros and cons and my advice to you is draw up a list of the side effects and issues for each treatment as to how they may affect you and make your choice. There are many Community members here who have a diary of their journey and you can read them by clicking on a members name or avatar (Mine is HT/RT with an operation thrown in for good measure). If you have any specific questions we are all more than happy to answer them.

    It would help us to help you on your journey is you could put your own details in your profile (initial PSA TNM and Gleason Score). To do this on your home page click on the chair (top right) then "Profile" and then "Edit". once completed don't forger to "save" it.

    If I can do anything else for you please let me know.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Afternoon David

    I was diagnosed with a normal PSA and 3+4 Gleeson score at stage 2c, I have chosen the operation route (July 5th) for a couple of reasons. 

    The first being that I am assured that when my prostate is out, that's the cancer dealt with and its just a matter of getting over the surgery

    The second is that i was told that if I chose the hormone / radiology route then if it didn't work then I couldn't go back to choosing the operation as too much damage will have been done to the area by the radiotherapy. So in my head, why would I choose a possible cure that if it didn't work, that I couldn't go back to another option for a cure. At least if the op didn't quite get it all, I can then go on to the hormone treatment.

    Lastly, I was told that the hormone route I'd be on would be for 18 months, personally that's too long for me to wonder if the treatment has worked when I have an option of possible/probable instant removal of cancer via the op.

    All the best in whatever you choose for yourself


  • Hi Brighton

    There is no straightforward answer , u just have to look at the pluses and minuses for each treatment.

    I think that everyone obviously has their preferences .

    I decided not to go for surgery, major op with a GA , potential ED and and urinary issues after , sometimes short term sometimes long term, not every one has issues though.

    Radiotherapy easier ( in my mind) with or sometimes without HT.

    So I had the RT and 7 years later do not have any side effects in fact the few side effects that I had during treatment cleared up a few weeks after treatment finished.

    Ok the one downside to RT is that if the cancer returns surgery very difficult so possibly that may be an issue but then hopefully because your stats are low further treatment not required.

    Good luck


  • I also have a localised prostate cancer Gleason 3+4. Having weighed the plus and minus effects of the various options I have agreed to active surveillance. PSA every 6 months MRI yearly. My PSA started at 1.4 two years ago and is now 2.7. I took a short while to come to my decision on treatment having discussed with family. I think it’s worth waiting for further results before making your decision. I had to get my head round the” I’ve got cancer and I’m not doing anything about it”. I await my annual MRI in three weeks so all may change. Good luck David

  • Thanks Steve for your sound advise . Still exploring the best option but really don’t want to loose my ability to get erections . 

  • Thanks for your message . I’m not going to rush into surgery or RT/HT so still time with active surveillance 


  • Hi John 

    Thank you for your message and advice . I wish you well with your surgery . 

    All the best 


  • Yes , u don't give your age but can be a major issue although I should add of course that not everyone has ED problems after surgery or perhaps manageable 


  • you can read them by licking on a members name or avatar

    Don’t you just love some of the predictive text results. Wink David

  • Ha  

    Detective Inspector  has already had me in the Macmillan spelling prison for my "fat finger" error on the No Specific Topic thread.

    I have now corrected my error - although it's been preserved in your quote Grin!

    Best wises - Brian.

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