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Hello new to the group my postrate journey started just over two years ago I had my postrate removed October 22.

Everything appeared okay until recently  when my PSA went to 0.2  have now had a Pet scan and it has shown three small areas of concern on my Pelvis and my lower back. I am going to have a bone scan and CT scan on the 21st June.

I was wondering if anybody has been on this journey any help or support would be very much appreciated 

  • Hi Stub.

    Good afternoon and welcome to the prostate cancer family sorry to meet you under these circumstances.

    My prostate cancer journey started last year but unfortunately it was too late to have the prostate removed.

    Yes we have got many members who have been in similar circumstances and they will soon be in touch with you!!!

    Please please let me know if there is anything that I can help/support you with??

    Prostate Worrier.

  • Thanks very much much appreciated 

  • Hi Stub.

    No probs my friend you know where I am if you need any further help????

    Prostate Worrier.

  • Hello Stub and a warm welcome from me, and sorry to hear what a worrying time you are going through, though thankfully your scans are happening soon, as Prostate Worrier has said, many guys went down the surgery route and will gladly help any way they Stub ban I ask a couple of questions, was your original prostate cancer classed as low risk. and what, If any treatment did you have post surgery, best wishes with the scans and take care.


  • Hello  

    A warm welcome to the online Prostate Community from me too. I am so sorry to find you here.

    After surgery any rise in your PSA is taken as an indicator of a spread so your team are quite correct in doing the scans. The best scan you can get to show where the "little blighters" have gone and has more accurate results is a PSMA PET Scan. The issue is this works best once your PSA is over 0.4 and not all UK hospitals have this facility.

    The follow up treatment will be dependant upon the results of your scans on 21 June and possible a further PSA test.

    Please keep us updated when you know your results.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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  • Hello Eddie thanks for getting in touch had to find my book with the information.My original PSA was 10.4. Gleason Score was(4+3) 7. It was also classed as T3a.N stage 0 M stage 0.My cancer back then was classed as locally advanced.

    As far as any post treatments I didn't have any just went straight for a Radical Prostatectomy.Any information or experience you could give me would be appreciated by the way my age is 67 

    Best wishes to you and thanks again


  • Hi Rab thank you for the update, T3a N0 M0 is usually seen as high risk though not necessarily aggressive and if it should be a recurrence, it has been caught very early and you have all treatments available to you, I too was diagnosed 2 years ago with locally advanced prostate cancer, no surgery, and have lesions, polyps, cysts and micro fractures to my spine, sacrum, pelvis an liver which are also classed as area's of concern and non cancerous, I'm not saying what your scan will show only that not everything is cancer and should it be, you have a good team behind you and all the tools available to take care of it, take care.


  • Eddie thanks very much much for the information I will let you know how I get after my scan probably won't hear anything for a couple of weeks you take care of yourself and I really value the information that you have shared with me still trying to used to big change this is going to bring 


  • Rab your welcome, keep asking questions and reading posts and join in any conversation you wish to, there are many wonderful people, men and women, on the forum with some inspiring stories and a wealth of knowledge we are happy to share. take care.